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What should I order at Mariscos Chente?


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  1. Camarones Pimiente... heads on or heads off.

    Those are the yummy pepper shrimp in a sort of buttery sauce with rice.

    1. Hi vinosnob,

      Depends on how many people you have and if you like spicy food or not, but, you might consider:

      * Pescado Zarandeado (Open-Grilled Snook) - It's arguably their best dish. Delicious, mouth-watering fish (that you can order per Kilogram, but the smallest one could feed 2 - 3 people comfortably if you order another dish).

      * Camarones Borrechos (Shrimp Sauteed with Tequila, Cilantro, Garlic and Butter) - Simply delicious.

      You can do a search on the boards and find a few long threads on everyone's favorites; hopefully that'll help as well. :) Enjoy!

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        the smallest pz is normally one kilo.
        have to admit that i have no problem finishing one off by myself.
        granted i don't eat the chips. . . .

      2. The Pescado Zarandeado is one of the best dishes I've ever had.

        1. Any of the shrimp dishes (be aware that the aguachile is pretty powerful stuff and I personally did not enjoy it) or the pescado zarandeado or the pescado a la plancha. And a cubeta of beer.

          1. Love the Pulpo and Camaron Coctel...


            1. Heartily agree with all of the recs. I think the don't-miss is the PZ. As exilekiss mentions, it can easily be shared amongst a few people if you order another dish or two, but don't be intimidated if you order it solo. I think if you go in hungry and order one of their smaller snooks, (hopefully you'll luck out) you'll find yourself finishing off most if not all of it. Just go easy on the tortilla chips while waiting for the PZ (I know - easier said than done - those are excellent as well).

              I think the one shortcoming there is the crab surume used in their coctels. Because everything else that I've had there is so carefully sourced, the fake crab left me with a WTF moment. So if ordering any of their ceviches or coctels, I'd avoid this particular ingredient. Other than that, it's pretty difficult to order something you wouldn't really like - it comes down to personal preference.

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                Yeah, the surume is a huge turn-off.Unfortunately, it's very popular with the LA Latinos. They are not able to bring crab from Sinaloa where they use real crab for tostadas and other preps. I think it is also expensive and they wouldn't be able to keep the real crab within their reasonable pricing. If you see crab on one menu for a dish just ask them to substitute the surume with another ingredient or to leave it out. Just say no.

                Best of Marisco's Chente? Do check out the other threads, but: Pescado zarandeado; cooked shrimp-borrachos, a la diabla, a la pimienta; raw shrimp-ceviche de camaron, aguachile; cream sauces- culichi, and al chipotle; langostinos al mojo de ajo estilo Sergio; and not to be missed the chicharron de pescado; Tacos- de marlin, and de camaron; callos de hacha when they have them( raw scallops cooked in lime with chile and seasoning). Also, occasionally I've had caracol(sea snail) served as a botana(snack).

                1. re: streetgourmetla

                  NO WAY!! They have Caracol?! Is there a secret word I need to say to get some?!!! Next time I'm coming in I'm bringing a sign "Yucataca con Casa de Verano en Progresso" so they just bringing me the good stuff..

                  As for the Krab thing... that is why I order just the Shrimp and Octopus... Heck, more often than not, they've served me Krab in cocteles IN Campeche... so it never surprised me here...


                  1. re: Dommy

                    Yeah, the krab is in Mexico, too. Thise awful cooked shrimp and krab cocktails in Mercado Libertad in GDL, egads! That's right folks, know what's coming in your cocktail. It's easy on a street stand, just scream when they reach for the krab.In the restaurant choose wisely.

                    I will send out an alert, Dommy, when they have caracol. I've had it three times there. One night, botana de caracol con callo, so good.

              2. Thanks so much everyone, great info!

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                  FYI the PZ is served with tortillas and caramelized onions to make your own tacos. We did not know this.... and we became painfullyyyyy full because that fish is so damn addictive. Also, the pulpo is SOOO GOOOD.

                2. WOW!! This place is a gem!

                  My buddy and I shared the shrimp and octopus ceviche to start. Delicious!

                  To follow, we ordered the smallest pescado zarandeado (1 kilo) and I could have eaten another kilo by myself since it was so incredibly good.

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                  1. re: vinosnob

                    YAY! Thanks for reporting back! Glad to hear they continue to WOW! :DD