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Aug 21, 2009 08:11 AM

Food between MSP to Rapids City

We're visting the area from New England and driving with our 7 y.o. We're not looking for exotic cuisines, we can find those at home.

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  1. Yes. "When in Rome" I always say.

    Lange's Cafe
    110 8th Avenue South East
    Pipestone, MN

    Hutch's Cafe & Lounge
    308 E Hwy 16 Presho, SD

    The 2nd place was kinda like walking into Napoleon Dynamite, but the lunch specials were good and the prices very reasonable.

    1. Al's Oasis in Chamberlin, SD is a popular spot for basic, home style food. Chamberlin is really the gateway to western South Dakota and the scenery changes quite dramatically as you cross the Missouri River, very pretty. Al's is on the eastern side though, before you cross. It's kind of a touristy joint with lots of trinkets and such but the food is good. They make several kinds of pies which go well with their coffee.