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Greek Food in Suffolk County?

Any recommendations for good Greek cuisine on Long Island? Particularly Suffolk County.

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  1. Don't want to sound like a cheerleader for this place , but "It's Gyro Time" in east northport is very good. Not fancy by any stretch. Look at the thread on it.


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      Thanks Mr Phil! Even though you didnt break out the pom poms for this place, I'll check it out.

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        There's a Greek restaurant/diner called Greek Island Restaurant on 25A by Wading River. It's okay, not great. Being half-Greek I tend to avoid places that have some mention of "Greek" in the name as they're usually not that authentic. But in a pinch it's not that bad.

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          You should try Athens Grill in Riverhead village, it's more than "okay". And no Greek in the name!

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            Fish dishes are particularly more than OK.

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              Athens closed due to fire last year. Rebuilding.
              Greek Bites in Hampton Bays is good.
              Hellenic in Greenport is excellent. Fabulous fresh fish.
              Nammos in Southampton, have not been there.
              Alexandros on 25A upscale Greek
              A Greek place took over the Meson Ole spot on 27
              Gyro Palace in Rocky point is good

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                "A Greek place took over the Meson Ole spot on 27"

                The Mason Ole in Greenport?

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                  Southampton. Technically County Rte 39, an extension of 27.

                  Greenport is Rte 25 ;-) So few roads out here and still confusing.

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                    That's right County Rd 39. For the life of me I can't find out the name of that place.

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                      I'm pretty sure it has "Greek" in the title? Found it, Greek Bites Grill.


                      Wow that looks REALLY good.

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                          I know that's the owner, but last time I saw the sign in front it said Greek Bites. Catchy name!

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              I'd break out the pom poms for Gyro Time, but at my age no one wants to see that!

              The charcoal calamari is to die for, and everything there is terrific. We had one disappointment on our first visit, overcooked mixed grill was dry, but mostly, they've wowed us with portions, and quality.

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                Yep - I had the charcoal calamari last time I was there, and it is amazing. Also, they were out of tarama so we had eggplant salad. More or less like a baba ganoush, very fresh, also excellent. Used to eat at Mediterranean Snack Bar all the time; this place is MUCH better.

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                  Mediteranean snack bar isn't nearly as good as it was years ago, when it built its reputation, though they still always have the freshest fish. I live in Huntington village, but we take out and eat in at Gyro Time now.

          2. If your going through Riverhead on the way to the Northfork:


            1. "mediterranean snack bar" in huntington village. also in eastern nassau try- "its greek to me" in syosset.

              1. I like Pita House on 112 in Patchogue.

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                  I love them too, but they're Turkish.

                2. Alexandros in Mt Sinai. Not cheap, but appetizers and whole fish are worth it.


                  1. I like a little place in Greenlawn, called The Grecian Corner Cafe...
                    They have the biggest and best burgers, not to mention the Gyros are really good!!! Its right on Broadway, diagonally across from CVS....

                    1. zorba the greek by plainview i think its hickville border... unfortunately i cannot find a site for them but:

                      620 S Oyster Bay Rd
                      Hicksville, NY 11801

                      (516) 932-9701

                      1. There is a delish turkish restaurant called The Pita House in Patchogue- excellant!

                        1. I just realized no one mentioned the Hellenic Snack Bar in Greenport/Marion (although I know most people might not consider the East End as part of Suffolk County ;-) If it wasn't for their atrociously slow wait staff I'd be there on a weekly basis. They have things on their menu I've never seen anywhere else, and the outdoor dining in the summer is divine. At least they don't rush you!

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                              They need to put umbrellas outside with the tables...broiled during the summer!

                            2. I want to add the long time reliable Greek Village in Commack.

                              1. I would like to put in a word for Athens Square Cafe, 517 Larkfield Rd. EN-East side of road in little mini mall just south of Clay Pitts Rd.

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                                  I like it too. The salad is very nice. East Northprt and Commack are blessed with lots of places. Also Souvlaki Palace on Commack Road.

                                2. Acropolis in Nesconset!!!!!!!! In the nesconset library strip mall on smithtown blvd, YUM!!

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                                    Acropolis is excellent. Good food, ambiance, service and prices.


                                  2. Both Greek Village and Souvlaki Palace in Commack are good and are different from each other. Z Pita on Main Street in Port Jefferson is also good.

                                    1. Skorpios, in Huntington, has freshened up; a new coat of paint, murals on the wall, new brighter lighting have enhanced the appearance of this old time Greek standby. Monday, we had flounder stuffed with feta cheese and spinach, coupled with a humongous salad. The flounder fillet was was ample and fresh and the filling was tasty. My SO had barbequed chicken with lemon potatoes , along with a bowl of chicken orzo soup. A gratis dish of pita with tzatziki sauce was good, too, having a goodly amount of garlic unlike the bland offering of other Greek places around Suffolk County. The meal was good and wholesome and the restaurant is worth frequenting.

                                      1. Northport on 25A or Fort Salonga Rd. a place called Venus Diner, they have great Gyros..

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                                          The food is decent, but they nickel and dime if you want additional tzatziki sauce, there is a fifty cent charge. An extra pita is additional and so on. Too petty for me.

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                                            I don't think that's so unusual, especially if prices are as modest as I recall. The alternative is to charge everyone more so extras are covered.

                                          2. Alexandros in Mt Sinai makes some good cocktails

                                            1. The Olive Tree in Patchogue and Opa in Islip are both good