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Do you dream about food?

I do sometimes, but not a lot. However I just recalled an awesome dream last night about finding a giant new Asian marketplace/Chinese restaurant outside of Birmingham that I weirdly found while making a bus stop on some unidentified trip. Interestingly, Nab was there and so excited, pushing people out of the way and filling his basket until I had to remind him no perishables because we were on a long trip. Anyway, Birmingham is so far from the Mecca (I have no idea about the spiritual equivalent of China?) of Chinese cuisine, much less regional Chinese cuisines, with only two restaurants that serve a mix of regional cuisines (although one of mainly Taiwanese) plus dozens of the ubiquitous Amerasian joints. Anyway this place had a bakery with buns, smoked animals, various sundry goods, noodles, etc. plus a small restaurant with XLBs, pillowy scallion pancakes, and other delicious smelling dishes (kind of like the Red Pearl here but much bigger). Since I was on a bus pit stop I could not eat in so I ordered an $8 (what?????) giant scallion pancake to go ... unfortunately my dream changed or I woke up before I could taste them. Crap.

I am a little sad thinking about this because all I get here is frozen scallion pancakes. Yeah, I could make my own, but still.

I'm sure there are other instances, although I don't always remember my dreams. See sometimes, as with many others, I have the ability to force myself to return to a dream if I wake up in the middle of the night, but alas I don't think I will ever get to try those particular magical scallion pancakes ...

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  1. Wow! That sounds like a very vivid and exciting dream! Shame about the waking up and realising there is no such thing around you, though!

    I have to say that I dream about food all the time which I find quite disturbing but extremely enjoyable at the same time. Sometimes it's about dishes I want to make, sometimes about far-flung places with glorious foods I'd love to try and often about anything and everything involving scrumptious meals. I wonder what a shrink would make of me :-)

    1. I do this all the time - especially now that i am in the middle of kitchen remodel and can't make anything. I have the nest dreams of dishes I am making and wake up so upset that i can't do anything. I did dream in food prior to this as well though.

      1. Last night I dreamed of Buttermilk biscuits...
        Like the ones from FARM in Bloomington - cooked in a cast iron skillet so they were kind of crisp on the outside and tender on the inside.
        And honey - of course.
        I have no idea why I dreamed of these but I think I need some.

        1. But if you hadn't woken up you would not have remembered the dream. And you might had avoided colitus interruptus.

          1. I knew someone who used to have dreams that he was eating. He would sleepwalk into the kitchen and open the refrigerator door. The door light would wake him and he would get back into bed.

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              Your friend is lucky that the door light wakes him. I've heard about people who take Ambien to sleep and then sleepwalk into the kitchen and totally pig out. The next day they don't remember anything!

            2. Whenever I'm dieting, I dream about buffets.

              1. Yes! I dream about food or rather food is frequently involved in my dreams. I once saw an Italian movie with Roberto Begnini where he jumps into a giant vat of Nutella. I have pictured myself doing that more than once! :)

                1. I dream about work, and I work saute in a restaurant if that counts. My wife tells me that I do and say the strangest things in my sleep. The other night she said she woke up with me moving my hands over her stomach as if I were searching through a drawer. She said she was freaked out and told me to stop and I said, "hang on, I just have to find the egg topper!"

                    1. Sometimes, however I find myself more often waking up wanting to just run out and shop for food.

                      1. Yes! Both eating and preparing! A couple nights ago a sort of Asian mish mash of things including delicious asparagus in a crisp papery coating. And I've developed recipes from dreams!

                        1. I dreamt last night - of all things - that Christopher Kimball - of all people - was in my kitchen at the sink, demonstrating how to sharpen knives by running then twice and only twice down inside of the bent-over edge of a Microplane grater (the long original one). I was handing him my knoves including a Victorinox one (I don't have one). I saw him demonstrate sharpening on TV recently - the right way - but hadn't realized the idea had penetrated quite so deeply! My name is buttertart and I am a knifeaholic.

                          1. Every night, certainly if I go to bed hungry. Last night it was a garlic dream, preparing and cooking garlic in all it's many forms, whole, chopped, minced, you get the picture, really exploring garlic, including black garlic, of which I know nothing.
                            Sometimes I write about food in my dreams, especially after posting here all day.
                            I also have "chef" dreams, from my days as a, which are fraught with problems, my uniform pants are MIA, the ovens won't work, the milk is spoiled, etc., it's just pure anxiety.

                            "I am a knifeaholic" that's funny, buttertart!

                            1. "to sleep, perchance to dream" I lie awake at night thinking about how to cook foods I have on hand. Last night, however, I did dream about grilling spare ribs.

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