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Aug 21, 2009 07:41 AM

Dog-friendly restaurants in SJ?

Can anyone recommend restaurants in South Jersey (Cherry Hill and surrounding towns) that have outdoor seating areas and allow dogs in those outdoor seating areas? I have plans to meet friends tomorrow at Cooper River Park, and my dog will be with us... I'd hate to have to take him home after our walk so we humans can go out to lunch! Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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  1. Little Tuna in Haddonfield serves lunch with outside seating. Not sure about how dog friendly they are, but it's worth a call. To show you how cranky some people are about eating around dogs, let me tell you this gem. My friends daughter used to work at Starbucks in Haddonfield. They always had bowls of water outside on the ground for the dogs. Until people started complaining about the dogs laying around and how disgusting and dirty they are, slobbering the water. So the manager of Starbucks did away with water for dogs, and the employees were required to tell people they could not sit at the outside tables with their dogs! This was a few years back, and it appears things have changed at Starbucks...until the next complaint. Really, some people really need to remove the sticks from their but-s, don't they!

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      Thanks for the idea. With yesterday's storms, we cancelled our plans, but I'd be curious if anyone else has suggestions. I used to live in NC and remember several restaurants there that allowed pets on the patio - but that was before I had one of my own!