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Aug 21, 2009 07:16 AM

Looking for good restaurants in Jersey open on Sunday

I'll be taking a day trip to Jersey while visiting London next month, and I'm looking for some great restaurants there that are open on Sunday for dinner (I know, kind of hard to come by). Any recommendations?

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  1. You'd have to put Longueville Manor in the frame.

    Possibly no longer the best on the island but still up there in the top flight, according to the Good Food Guide (a cooking 5).

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    1. re: Harters

      Thanks! I took a look at the website and also found Suma's. Would you recommend their Sunday lunch?

      1. re: javachik

        I don't know Suma's but the GFG gives it a 5, describing it as the "little sister of Longueville", so may be worth a punt.

        I don't think you'll struggle to find places open on a Sunday - particularly in St Helier and the more touristy coastal villages. Finding open and "great" will be the challenge - we were last there, for a week, about five or six years ago - lots of indifferent and/or overly expensive food (as you might expect in a small place with a captive audience). Nice island though - quite old-fashioned - it seemed to have changed little from my memory of the previous trip some 45 years ago. If you get chance, go and see the Occupation Museum - as you may know these were the only part of our islands that were invaded during World War 2.