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Aug 21, 2009 06:53 AM

Japanese/asian restaurant for dinner

I am planning a trip to new york for september and I am searching for a good not too expensive (around 60-90 dollars for a couple) for dinner, I have been searching and found Matsuri, Sushi Yasuda, Nobu, Tao. what do you think about these places? Or is there a better one out there? (I don´t mind in which part of Manhattan is)

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  1. Hells no to tao. Nobu is going to cost more.

    1. I think Sushi Yasuda is good but it's more like 60-90 dollars per person, without drinks and tips. I know a few folks here have spend over $100 per person. Just something to keep in mind.

      1. on that budget ,,and being that you say japanese/asian Id recommend Takahachi ,, they have a mix of food and some crazy rolls with curry and mango and its in your price range

        1. for $30-45/person, i would recommend you to try places in LES (little Tokyo/j-town). If you want, you can certainly try K-town on 32nd and see what you can get for Asian food. There is all you can eat sushi buffet on 32nd St., which is decent for the money. If I remember correctly, it's about $30\person for dinner. All the places you mentioned above are least $60-90 per person and typically not easy to get reservations with short notice.