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Aug 21, 2009 06:52 AM

Restaurant north of National Guard Station in Bethany Beach

Heard there's a cute little restaurant here...does anyone know the name? It might be a BYO.

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  1. Are you referring to Blue Coast? It sits alone on the left (Bay side) as you're going north on Route One.

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      I don't know, Lewes....but I'm sure you do! A friend who lives in Delaware was trying to recommend a place...but couldn't remember the name. Said one time it was a BYO, not sure if the same today....but only remembered it was very small, very good food, and north of the Nat'l Guard Station.
      I did call the Chamber of Commerce and the only thing they could come up with was Blue Coast, as well. They said it used to be Red Fin, and before that, something else.
      So, how is Blue Coast? I checked their website, but have you ever been there?

    2. shopgirl, Dining with doc says Blue Coast and DiFebo's are the two best restaurants on the eastern shore.
      Google this so that you can read about those restaurants: Restauranteurs Spread Their Wings DelmarvaNow

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        Thanks, Lewes. I'll google it and read it, but I have to say....we think DiFebo's is, if Blue Coast is anything like DiFebo's.....

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          shopgirl, You should advise me! I hope you only have excellent experiences here this time! Please let us know!

          1. re: Lewes17266

            Sorry, Lewes. I'll advise if we go to Blue Coast, but we would never go back to DiBefo's. Others have told us it has gone downhill as well. We had reservations for 3 people, but were made to wait 45 minutes. Then we were seated next to the kitchen. Service was appalling. Food wasn't very good, either. Given filthy utensils; then served water...mine tasted like water mixed with 7-up!!! When I told the waitress, she said, "oh, they probably didn't rinse out the glass well enough." Well, believe me, we stayed for dinner (we should have left at that point)....and dinner was not good either.

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                In Bethany you might also want to try Patsy's (and avoid Sedonna).