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Aug 21, 2009 06:28 AM

Phall in Central NJ?

Does anyone know of any Indian restaurants in central NJ serving phall? (Phall being that Indian dish that is hotter than vindaloo.)

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  1. I do not. However, the Brick Lane Curry House in NYC serves phall. In fact, they offer a phall challenge - if you finish the dish you get a free bottle of beer! Watch the video on their web site:

    1. Called around to a few places in NJ and well some laughed, and some asked if I knew just how hot Phaal is. In any case no luck around Edison NJ. The spelling is Phaal, only telling you this because it may help you in your quest.
      Good luck. If you survive do let us know about your experience - sounds FUN!

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        I've seen it spelled both ways. Mark has eaten Phaal/Phall in Britain and knows how hot it is. Me, I prefer something lower on the Scoville scale.

        1. re: shabbystorm

          Phall, phaal, phal, paal.....I don't care how they spell it. I won't be ordering this any time soon. Vindaloo is the hottest I want to go.

          Based on what little I've read, phall originated in the UK, not India. Perhaps it was someone's way of getting back at the Brits!