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Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana: Manchester & Fairfield CT

I see/taste no difference between the pies in the Fairfield and Manchester locations with the original in New Haven Wooster St. I think, overall, that they have done an excellent job of maintaining quality control and consistency.

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  1. Agree, as to Manchester (have not been to Fairfield location)!

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      On the other hand, I recently got some pies from the new Mohegan Sun location. They tasted the same, but the quantity of ingredients was really paltry compared to New Haven.
      On the clam pie there were about half as many clams and on my tomato pie with mushrooms, you could barely see the mushrooms. I haven't been to New Haven in a long time. I hope they aren't cutting back across the board.

    2. I also agree with the Manchester location. Have not been to New Haven's Pepe's in years. I don't want to deal with the lines. started going to Manchester about six months ago, now nothing compares to it. We go on the off hours (3-4PM), have not stood in line yet.

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        I ate in Manchest at 7PM last night and was not impressed. DISCLOSURE: I am a New Haven native who grew up eating on Wooster St, but prefer Sally's to Pepe's)

        My pie was completely burnt on one side and fine on the other. The mushrooms were sparse. I complained about the burnt 1/2 of the pie, and the stupid/arrogant server said to me that 'obviously' I had not been exposed to New Haven style pies. I told the impudent little....what could be done with the pie, as I'd been eating at the original Pepe's for more than 50 years.
        The manager came over and apolgized, saying they were breaking in a new oven man. I accepted his apology and a new pie was made. It was baked evenly, but the mushrooms were still sparse.

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          Last time I went to Pepe's in N.H. they burnt my pizza and also forgot my son's small cheese. No apology was made, they acted like it was our falt.

      2. I'm looking forward to stopping at the Manchester location when I take my daughter to Middletown in two weeks.

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          Bagelman, I'm a fan of Pepe's and I've gotten pizza from the one in Manchester about 4 or 5 times and I gotta agree with you on the burnt aspect. I'd say half the time I've gotten the pizza there it's a little on the burnt side (at least 1 half is) which despite it's goodness I find annoying. I got chicken on the pizza once and it was absolutely perfect. The chicken was fresh and tender. Next time I ordered it the chicken was plentiful but as dry as a leaf on a cold day. I'm not really knocking them but I had to jump on and mention that part of the pizza burnt is roughly 50% of the time I get one there and I wish it weren't.
          I like it but I might start going back to Wooster Street.

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            I was born and grew up in New Haven and like apizza on Wooster street better than anywhere else................
            I live in TGrumbull now, and find Pepe's in Fairfield OK.
            Every Thursday I am in Massachusetts and pass through Manchgester about 7PM, so I thought I'd give Pepe's a shot there. I won't be back. My daughter was at the casino tonight and was greatly disappointed in the Pepe's there, she called it aan overpriced tourist ripoff. Out of the mouths of babes...........

            1. re: bagelman01

              I've been eating Pepe's for 30 years in New Haven, there's absolutely no difference.

        2. I also grew up in the New Haven area, so that's my street cred ;)

          I have found no difference between New Haven and Manchester locations. Haven't tried Ffld or the casino but I would imagine the consistency remains the same.

          Now, with all that said, I am neither a Pepe's or Sally's person. I'd rather have an Italian Bomb pizza from Modern!

          1. On a related note, a Frank Pepe's opened recently at Mohegan Sun in one of the food courts. We were able to get a bird's eye view of their diners via the escalator last night; all of the 5 or 6 pizzas we saw were burnt around the edges.
            Having never been to the original, I wouldn't know if the burnt edges are normal, but I'm not a fan of burnt pizza crust!

            1. I have been to all three and found the Manchester location to be pretty good but we did have problems in Fairfield last time. One side was burnt and the other side undercooked. Not great since I was bringing it to my critical father and aunt. So now they won't even think of going there again. Jay

              1. After hearing about it for years, I finally had the clam pie at the Mohegan Sun Pepe's. I was very disappointed. The crust was good but the clams were gritty(sandy). I had one piece and didn't even take the rest to go. After i paid the bill, I mentioned it to the waitress and she seemed surprised.

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                  Pizza or not pizza, sand can be a downer. I have had sand in my clams at a few good restaurants and it pisses me off. In pizzas, too, but not Pepe's. Since I'm from Texas I would like to know if this is considered acceptable?

                  1. re: Scargod

                    I wouldn't call sand in food acceptable, particularly in upscale places, but as an almost native New Englander I'd call it a fact of life where clams are concerned.

                    On a totally personal level, I'd rather come across a piece or two of grit and know my clams were cleaned by the kitchen staff than have some kind of industrially processed, but sparkly clean, clam. Again, just my personal preference.

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                      Depends where you are in the world. Generally, in New England, no, sand in clams is not acceptable. In the Mediterranean, I've found the attitude to be, hey, clams have sand in them. They aren't going to sacrifice one bit of freshness to purge a clam.

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                        How are their teeth? Can't remember... I was too busy eating fish and squid and drinking ouzo and wine.

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                          Sand is surely annoying, but shells are downright dangerous. My favorite local pizzeria has a warning on their menu, but I once chipped a tooth on a bit of clamshell anyway. I've found Pepe's clam pies to be relatively clean, but it's inevitable that you'll find some shell and/or grit occasionally. Imagine how many littlenecks their crews open every day.

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                            As I posted earlier this summer, we were on the Cape and I ate Wellfleets at several places. At one place they had bits of shell and, curiously (since I've never seen this before or since after hundreds of recent oysters), at least three oysters had a divot of shell broken off around where the muscle attaches to the inside. These were semi-round, about the size of a normal button and still attached to the adductor muscle of the oyster . They were very sharp-edged all the way around; not something you'd want to bite into, chew or ingest! Never seen this before...