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Aug 21, 2009 06:04 AM

Peking Duck in CJ?

I've pored through many of the posts here, but haven't seen any references to really good Peking Duck, especially in the Mon-Oc area, other than a few references to Peking Pavilion in Englishtown/Freehold. I know that the score is different in NYC, but I'm not really interested in making the trek into the city for it.

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  1. Go to Lee How Fook at 219 N. 11th St. in Philly, 215-925-7266,

    It is wonderful and well worth the ride. Takes about 70 mins. from Monmouth county

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    1. re: fatnut

      will the Werewolves of London be there?
      seriously, though... thanks for the info, but if I'm going to trek in NYC, I'm not interested in Philly unless I have several other reasons to be there....

      1. re: aklein

        I have not had it myself, but I have been told the Little Schezuan in Little Silver does it very good. I have had other meals there that have been very good.

    2. Peking Pavilion is the best i know of in central nj

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      1. re: Rev Tim

        I concur. Peking Pavillion is excellent for Peking Duck.

      2. Yes go to Bando on Hwy 35 in Middletown - their Peking duck is excellent. No need to order ahead. They server with two style of pancakes, one being rather spongy which we do not care for so we just ask them for the traditional style like those served with mooshu dishes.