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Aug 21, 2009 06:03 AM

MSP-Kings Wine Bar 46th and Grand

Just drove by this place last week as the 46th St. bridge just opened over 35W, and City Pages makes note that its now open.

Anyone know the story here? Are they related to any other restaurants.

Love the idea that this corner has two restaurants, Cafe Ena and this place.

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  1. Sounds interesting - I like wine bars, so I checked out their wine list.

    Weird. According to their drinks menu, they don't have ANY wines by the glass. It looks like this place is really a neighborhood restaurant with breakfast/lunch/dinner. Oh, yeah, and there's beer and bottles of wine (from $18 - $200).

    [--RANT ON--] I really hate it when a place claims to be a wine bar, but doesn't give people the chance to try a small amount of wine. Me, I'm a single drinker - my husband doesn't imbibe - and I like variety, so I love ordering wine by the glass, expensive as that is. Flights and small pours are even better - and are something I would expect at a place with "wine bar" in its name. This town needs more REAL wine bars. [--RANT OFF--]

    Anyway, venting aside, this place looks like it could be good. Food- and beer-wise, at least. But I won't be going there for the wine, unfortunately.


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      I agree with Anne that they should have some wines by the glass. And they don't have any Gewurtztraminer! But the menu does look kind of enticing.... maybe if someone complained about the wines by the glass, they could have some available.

      1. re: AnneInMpls

        I was just at King's last night, and they certainly have wines by the glass -- we had them. I'm not sure why they don't appear on their website, but maybe because they rotate them frequently? (Just a guess.)

        I actually got a beer on tap -- the Left Hand Milk Stout -- which was amazing -- and I generally don't like stouts.

        Their goat cheese fritter was fantastic. Perfectly crisp warm breaded shell, with a slightly cooler inside that resulted in a texture masterpiece. The small spinach salad underneath as well as the carmelized onions on top were the perfect complements.

        We also had the ravioli, which seemed like they were well made, but I can't stand tarragon (in general), so I'm not the right person to form an opinion here. Our only critique is that they felt a little small for the "big" plate menu.

        I love the atmosphere in this place. I think Cafe Maude is the obvious place that King's will be compared to, and I personally prefer the atmosphere at King's to Maude. More modern and hip while being a little less stuffy. Not to diss Maude -- I just immediately felt more in touch with the design aesthetic at King's.

        I imagine that King's will be added to our neighborhood rotation -- we came away impressed, so far -- especially given that they just opened.

        1. re: chrismpls

          So, does King's have a healthy by the glass selection like a "wine bar" should have, or does it have the token single red and single white by the glass, with everything else being bottle only?

          1. re: galewskj

            According to their website: "[P]rices listed are by the bottle. We have a bi-weekly rotation of wines by the glass."


            1. re: galewskj

              They have a good by-the-glass selection. I was there last week and seem to remember at least 15 or so -- reds, whites, roses -- with a nice price span ranging from $6-$13 (?). And I also seem to remember that there wasn't the "token $6 with everything else being $12" that you might see elsewhere, too -- the selections were well distributed through the price spectrum.

          2. re: AnneInMpls

            I feel your pain. My husband drinks, just not with dinner, so I always look like the lush when he orders a diet coke.

            1. re: MayrMN

              Heck, I'm happy to be the lush in the family. And it's great to have a designated driver when we go out! My "both-of-us-drink" friends are jealous.

              Chris, thanks for the first-hand report about wines by the glass at Kings. This is good to know. (So odd that the online menu doesn't mention this.)


          3. I jwent to King's last night for the first time and it was great. Two girlfriends and I went for drinks but ended up staying for dinner.

            We had wine by the glass, as well as sake-tinis. I really liked the Malbec I tried.

            We shared the home made tater tots, which were awesome. These were oversized bites of flaky potato with bits of bacon and cheese mixed in. Not your traditional tot, but a treat non the less.

            I had the grilled cheese which came on a crunchy foccacia and was delectable, with a small side salad. My friends had the BLT and Seared Scallops, which they loved.

            It was packed on a Thursday night. We got there at 6ish, just in time for a table. The service was great, except for an odd girl who was filling water glasses and whisked my plate away while I was still eating the last bite of cheesy goodness.

            I'll go back soon.

            1. Jfood stumbled across this place a couple of months ago. Here is his view.


              1. Service was really slow, food took forever, and when it got there it was bad. French Onion Soup was more of an onion paste. My crepe that had prosciutto was awful. The prosciutto was in half inch cubes, tough nasty little cubes. Whoever was in the kitchen didn't have a clue what they were doing. I hope for their sake it was a chef's holiday and that was not a true sample of how they prepare food, becuase I can't believe they are going to last.