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Aug 21, 2009 05:42 AM

ways to make yellow squash interesting (without cheese)

I'm trying to find interesting dishes to use yellow squash in. DH and I find it a rather boring vegetable, even with a sauce on it, and I desperately need ideas for how to pump it up. But, most of the recipes I can find involve cheese, which I do not eat (no dairy at all, actually). So, any good yellow squash recipes you can recommend? They don't have to be mainly squash recipes -- they can be meat or veggie entrees that happen to have some squash in them. I just need ideas for how to use it up in a yummy way!

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  1. This may be too boring, but I like to sautee onions (maybe try red onions) in some olive oil or butter with fresh thyme, and then add the yellow squash. I like the sweetness that the onions add.

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      I do the same thing actually! Or for variation Ill do parsley and garlic and yellow sqaush, and sometimes I add in some crushed red pepper flakes as well. Even more boring- I eat a lot of yellow squash just raw in salads.....

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        I do something similar, just saute in olive oil with ginger and garlic, then add chives and a dash of soy at the end. Delicious!

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          We love it sauteed like that too but no ginger- I use chopped onions, garlic and olive oil- maybe a lump of butter, tons of black pepper. The other night I did it and topped with melted butter drizzled bread crumbs and grated parm (zomigi can skip that part) then tossed it in the oven to get happy.

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        Boring or not, I just steam yellow squash, then squeeze all the water out of it, add butter, S&P, just as my mom still I guess I am even more boring, but it's my favorite way to eat squash. The trick is removing all the water. And is that a new member of your family--or the same dog minus the snow? Cute pic. :)

      3. I like to make a gratin with sliced squash, onions, and Very thinly sliced potatoes... Yukon Golds to be exact. Lots of freshly chopped herbs: parsley, oregano, thyme, chives. Minced garlic, Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper with some cayenne. Each layer drizzled with a bit of EVOO and the herbs. No need to use cheese... just add about 1/2 cup 1/2&1/2 and freshly made seasoned breadcrumbs. Bake in 375F oven till top is nicely browned and everything is cooked through. (Make sure to slice the potatoes as thin as possible so they'll be cooked when everything else is.)

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          That sounds yummy, Gio...of course, I'd want the cheese, too. Does it not get sort of watery b/c of all the moisture in the squash?

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            That just helps the potatoes cook to a nice creamyness.... that and the addition of those seasoned breadcrumbs.

        2. Have you tried it cut into thin discs (or ribbons --easier with zucchini) on a Benriner or mandoline, then dressed with a spicy vinaigrette and served raw? That preparation really sort of transforms the texture -- it's almost like a wholly different vegetable.

          You can also do that one with a soy/vinegar dressing, or even a Vietnamese nuoc cham.

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            I saute yellow squash simmilar to mmruth, with sweet onions(vidalia, texas, whatevers avail.)add a red bell pepper, season w/ salt,pepper,and sweet paprika.But Iike to use a little bacon grease instead of oil.Throwing fresh herbs in the last few minutes. My total cook time is about 20/25 min.

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              Transforming the texture of raw even further, I make a panchan with thin rounds. First salt the slices heavily with kosher salt then set aside for an hour or so until they weep. Then squeeze them in a fist to crush and squueze out some moisture. Rinse off the salt and squueeze again to get as dry as you can. Then spread out to air dry or use a towel. Marinate with rice wine vinegar, peanut oil, minced garlic, and a couple drops of sesame oil (just enough for an elusive fragrance). You can also add a little sugar. This is very pretty if you use an equivalent amt of zucchini for a mix of yellow and green colors. Refrigerated it will keep for a week or more. Sprinkle a little blk sesame seed when you serve.

            2. I just love summer squash sliced, dredged in seasoned flour and pan fried until crispy. I also enjoy slicing it and brushing with a little olive oil then grilling.
              It works well cutting julienne strips of yellow squash along with zucchini, onion and carrots and then placing the veggies under a salmon fillet with a little white wine in papillote.

              1. I like to marinade in olive oil and S&P for about 15 minutes then grill with some homemade jerk seasoning