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Aug 21, 2009 04:54 AM

NYC Tasting Menus?

DH's bday is coming up and I wanted to know which restaurants offer tasting menus these days, and which are actually worth it. Thanks for any reviews/suggestions.

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  1. I think Mike's is the only place.

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      I've heard that the tasting menu at Mike's in excellent, and they'll work with you if you're really picky about an item or two. When I looked into it, they told me it's no problem to substitute something for the fish course, as long as they know in advance. The food at Mike's is excellent.. so I would think that the tasting menu would be great.

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        hmmm I see Solo has one, anyone ever been ?

        1. re: peacepug

          My parents have been to solo, not for the tasting, and said it wasn't good. Too loud, rude waiter, food was eh, portions were small and not worth the price.

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          The tasting menu at Mikes is in fact incredible! the ambiance there was really nice also.. we sat upstairs. the gnocci was my favorite-

      2. Mike's is great. I went there with 7 other people for their tasting menu. I was the only vegetarian in the group, and for every meat dish that was being served, Mike prepared an equivalent vegetarian dish. It was FANTASTIC!

        1. Mosaica had an excellent 7-course tasting menu the last time we were there, which I grant was about six months ago. It's in Union County NJ, which is quick to get to from NYC if you have a car, but not easily doable via mass transit. I prefer the food there to that at Mike's Bistro, which I find overrated, but I haven't tried Mike's tasting menu.

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            FWIW, taking the NJT to Maplewood and then a $12 cab will get you to Mosaica in about 45 minutes.

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              If you are still interested in the Mike's tasting menu, do note that you have to call ahead to order it a day in advance.

          2. I recently wrote up Mike's on my blog. My family didn't get the tasting menu (which they do have), but we had an amazing though pricey meal. If you want to check out some pics of the food, you can go to my blog post (sorry for gratuitous self promotion) --

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              For those who have had the tasting menu, do you recommend the wine pairings?

            2. There's a small place in Great Neck called Tel Aviv that has a great $40 tasting menu. I thought it was superior to Mike's tasting menu.

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              1. re: Chairman Mao

                I never went to a tasting menu, is that like an all you can eat buffet but with a fancier name?

                1. re: MartyB

                  No, it's more like a prix fixe with a less fancy name. :-)

                  It's typically 5 or more courses, defined by the chef, often around a theme (seasonal ingredients, for example).