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Aug 21, 2009 04:18 AM

Where to go for Cajun?

I'm visiting NYC in about a week's time for a few days and I am looking for a seriously good cajun restaurant. I like: big flavours, high quality of food, casual atmosphere. I don't like: paying more than 40$ for entrees, location outside of Manhattan, extreme noise and crowd. I does not even have to be authentic, fusion or "NYC cajun" is ok, the food must taste heavenly though :-) Good coctails are a plus, as is UWS or west midtown location (will be staying at Columbus Circle.) Thank you very much for your help!

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  1. I hope you get some answers... Good Cajun is something I have yet to encounter in NYC.

    1. If you want decent cajun food, you need to go to New Orleans or (better yet) southwest Louisiana. You will not find it in New York. If you insist on trying, go to Great Jones Cafe or Mara's Homemade, both very casual and inexpensive places in the Village.

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        2nding Great Jones. It's decent, but not great. Certainly better than Mara's or Delta Grill

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          I cannot begin to recite the litany of reasons why Mara's Homemade is awful. I guess you will just have to accept my verdict: its terrible.

        2. I enjoy Acme Bar & Grill. Not fantastic, but decent enough. And a fun place to spend a few hours.

          1. Pretty much your only choice is my kitchen. I haven't encountered any good cajun in NYC.

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              agreed. natchez was the only thing that came close a few years ago. if you find something, let us know!

            2. Shark Bar on Amsterdam and 74th is a place I've mentioned many times on this board. terrific Cajun and soul food -certaintly head and shouldars above Mara's or Acme and far better than Natchez or Bayou ever was.. Very comfortable and laid-back. Been there for years - check out the menu on and enjoy!