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Bienvenue Restaurant French Cuisine Red Bank

seal Aug 21, 2009 04:05 AM

The menu looks good and I love Red Bank so I am thinking about trying this place this weekend.

Has anyone been yet?

  1. g
    GG1 Aug 21, 2009 02:57 PM

    When asked why the pommes de terres sarladaises were essentially looking like homefries that had been bulk prepared well in advance, I was informed, en francais, that this is because "this is the way Americans like them." Well, as the American half of a Franco-American couple with Southwestern French roots (or routes... haha), we're used to confit and P2T sarladaises prepared correctly. This is so remarkably poor, they can't even be given a bit of slack. Non, merci, je passe!

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    1. re: GG1
      bgut1 Feb 11, 2010 12:25 PM

      Chef Vidal has sold the restaurant and is "handing over the keys" on February 27. Regrettably, the menu is supposed to remain unchanged with the new owner/chef Mark Fontaine. Hopefully the food will improve.


      1. re: bgut1
        RGR Feb 11, 2010 02:48 PM

        Thanks for posting this, b!

        We ate twice at La Petite France and gave up on it because it disappointed us. Never tried Bienvenue.

        In many cases, when a restaurant's ownership changes hands, the menu remains the same for a while, and then the new chef/owner changes it in order to make the food his own. I hope that's what will happen here, and that reports about the cuisine will be more promising.

        1. re: RGR
          seal Feb 12, 2010 02:45 AM

          Hopefully this is good news. I would love a good French restaurant in Red Bank, and since I was warned off from Bienvenue ...

          Anyway, I will likely be trying them next month and will report back.

        2. re: bgut1
          Angelina Feb 12, 2010 03:56 AM

          Let's hope it is something worth while! I did not care for either La Petite France nor Bienvenue.

          1. re: Angelina
            tgran Feb 12, 2010 03:04 PM

            I ate at La Petite several times and enjoyed it. Beinvenue was a disappointment the one and only time I ate there but a new owner sounds promising. Of course, my most favorite place was Indigo Moon but that closed two and a half years agoI

            Oh, and I have been to Le Fandy but our meal was terrible.

            1. re: tgran
              bgut1 Feb 12, 2010 06:21 PM

              I miss Indigo Moon as well.

              1. re: bgut1
                seal Feb 13, 2010 03:50 AM

                Ditto on Indigo Moon - and one of the best Chowhound gatherings there as well.

                But I still love Le Fandy. The only complaint I have with Le Fandy is that they never change the menu. But the halibut remains one of the best I've ever had.

                1. re: seal
                  RGR Feb 13, 2010 04:52 AM

                  I thought the name Indigo Moon rang a bell. Only been there once just before it closed. A memorable Chowhound event! :)

                  1. re: RGR
                    bgut1 Feb 14, 2010 05:17 PM

                    We need to do another one.

                    1. re: bgut1
                      RGR Feb 14, 2010 05:19 PM

                      Amen! What venue would you pick?

                      1. re: RGR
                        bgut1 Feb 14, 2010 05:39 PM

                        That's a tough one. I would shoot for a restaurant that is accessible to the most hounds. Ones that come to mind include: Elements, Le Rendezvous, Orange Squirrel, CulinAriane, Brothers Moon and Trinity. What do you think?

                        1. re: bgut1
                          equal_Mark Feb 14, 2010 06:20 PM

                          Niko's Trapezi - Long Branch

                          1. re: bgut1
                            RGR Feb 14, 2010 06:55 PM


                            Ah, yes! Now that NJ is all together on one board, :) it makes sense to choose a place that's a reasonable distance from more areas of the state.

                            Elements might be considered by some to be too expensive. I haven't been to Le Rendezvous in ages. I've always liked it, but if we manage to get a good response, i.e., large group, it is kind of small. I've never been to the others you've listed.

                            Mark, While I like Niko's, it might be too far for those in more northerly locations.

                            Some other ideas...

                            Last year, we were talking about doing the banquet at Shirin, in Manalapan.

                            There's a new restaurant called Uproot, in Warren. The location is central, and RPMcMurphy and Rosie Saferstein have reported that it's excellent.


        3. r
          RGR Aug 21, 2009 07:26 AM

          Our pal bgut has: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/567634

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          1. re: RGR
            bgut1 Aug 21, 2009 07:43 AM

            Non bon. One of my most disappointing meals in recent memory.

            1. re: bgut1
              seal Aug 21, 2009 10:33 AM

              Wow! Thanks for the heads up all.

              We are going to head back to Via45 instead.

          2. equal_Mark Aug 21, 2009 05:23 AM

            Is there something about that location that attracts bad French restaurants?

            1. Angelina Aug 21, 2009 05:19 AM

              I was there when they first took over the place. Back then it left my husband and I so uninspired, we never returned. My husband's duck breast was so tough and dry and I think my fish was blah. I hope it is good, so if you do go, please post.

              You know my favorite id Le Fandy in Fair Haven while over there. Although, I want to try Via 45.

              Have fun no matter what!!

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