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Aug 21, 2009 02:27 AM


Hello everyone: I'm looking or the old school Chinese restaurants in SD. You know the ones with PuPu Platters, strong drinks, greasy food, etc.. I found two-one called Double Happiness in Del Mar and one called Mandarin House on 5th. Has anyone been to these or have other suggestions?

Bali Hai seems like an overpriced tourist trap to me, and I saw that fake polynesian place in the Gaslight today-no thank you.

I'm actually starting a website dedicated to old school Chinese restaurants so any help would be really appreciated.

Off Topic Question: I'm really into street art and I saw some great street art under the Cornado bay bridge. Can anyone tell me where I can find other street art in the city? I don't care about the neighborhood-I'm from Philadelphia which can look like a 3rd world country in some areas so I'm not phased by much. Thanks

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  1. Just a reminder that while the location of great chow is helpful, the location of street art is off-topic for Chowhound, so we'll have to remove any posts along those lines.

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      Doesn't food to some degree fall under the umbrella of art?

    2. I'm a big fan of the drinks at Mandarin House. The food is typical Americanized Chinese stuff. I like the Pupu platter there when you have a small group more focused on drinking and socializing than good food. The other customers aren't always fond of them when someone leaves a piece of meat on the grill and it smokes out the restaurant haha.

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        Love the Kung Pao Chicken at Mandarin House in La Jolla..been going there for years and I swear their Kung Pao with extra sauce is the best remedy for a hangover!

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          I like Mandarin House on 5th as well.

          Does anyone else notice that they don't like you to eat at the bar?

          There is also an old Chinese hole in the wall on 5th in the gaslamp. Anyone been?

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            "There is also an old Chinese hole in the wall on 5th in the gaslamp. Anyone been?"

            I remembered, It is called China Too.

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            2nd China Inn. Very good ABCDE food, and a solid bar.

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              3rd on China Inn. It's probably exactly the type of place you are looking for.

          2. King's Garden has several locations in San Diego (Solana Beach and Mira Mesa) that has many "old school" favorites.

            1. Szechuan Mandarin on Mission Gorge Rd. is another long-time old-school place.

              Panda Country on Clairemont Mesa Blvd.

              Mandarin Garden in Mira Mesa.

              I haven't been to any of these for at least six or seven years.

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                mmm-yoso had less than glowing remarks about a recent visit to Panda Country. You can read about his experience on his blog.