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Aug 21, 2009 01:15 AM

Roasted olive ideas?

I guess it is fairly common but I never saw it until recently on a menu - Nicoise, picholine & kalamata olives roasted in a rosemary & orange zest-infused olive oil

This sounds like a good idea that never occured to me before. Any favorite roasted olive combo?

Some recipes I googled that sound good to me

Roasted Olives with Fennel & Lemon

Roasted Olives with Lavender and Truffle Oil

Even Lindsay has a roasted olive recipe

They say of them "Roasting olives is a fun and simple technique that gives them a slightly chewy outside and a dense flesh and transforms them into a truly unique bite"

I guess it would be a good way to up the flavor of olives that aren't that good on their own.

What other combos would be good for roasted olives?

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  1. Rosemary and orange zest. DELISH!

    1. I had never considered this before either- but I had them recently in a restaurant and they were amazing. Unfortunately Im not too much help on combinations as I haven't yet made them myself and experimented, but I can give a big recommendation for them. So fantastic!

      1. I had roasted potatoes and olives with rosemary at a friend's house. You just reminded me that I wanted to recreate the dish!

        1. I thought it might be helpful to actually answer your post instead of just saying how much I like roasted olives :-)

          I have made roasted olives with a friend before and we used the usual olives, garlic, and herbs (I think she had rosemary and thyme on hand). But to kick it up we also sliced up some hot pepper and added it to the mix. We used the orange for both its juice and zest, tossed with some EVOO and red wine and then roasted. It was really delicious and a nice little kick.