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Aug 20, 2009 11:48 PM

Westside Bakery for Bread? (Vancouver)

My beloved Dollenkamp's (Broadway + Macdonald) has closed. Grieving aside, what's the best place for a good loaf of reasonably priced bread on the west side? Cobbs and Terra are a little pricy for my UBC budget, but is there anywhere else?

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  1. Mix is awesome. However, they're up in the Terra price range. The loaves are a bit bigger, but I've been a fan of theirs for a number of years.

    Cobs is actually pretty cheap if you ask me, essentially at the price point of the major grocery store brands. The extra couple of bucks gets you a much better loaf.

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      Good reasonably priced bakery bread is thin on the ground in that part of Vancouver. I've heard decent reports about Tinker's Hatch (Mackenzie and 32ndish) though I've only had their sweet items. Might be worth a look...

    2. Try T&T supermarket. I love their Utane Bread. It comes in Carrots and multigrain too. Very interesting, soft and chewy texture. And it's affordable. Not sure if there's one in the west side though.

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        Definitely no T&T out in the westside, no room. :) Prob. closest one is in Chinatown.

      2. There actually is a place called Westside Bakery on McDonald near 23rd AVE 604-738-4228 . As I recall their bread is about $2+- depending on the type but I would not say it is the artisan category. Maybe call ahead and see if the pricing works.

        1. Try the Angus Bakery on Broadway, between Alma and Dunbar. This is a very friendly little place, run by an Asian couple who named the business after their son. They make great croissants, and really, really good cheese croissants - best in Vancouver. Also lots of good pastries and breads.