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Aug 20, 2009 11:34 PM

Kauai, where to get great food and fresh fish


We will be in Kauai from 8/29 to 10/6. I would appreciate food recs, any cuisine, and where to get really fresh fish as I will have kitchen facilities.

Thank you,

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  1. Hi Maria,

    I am going to Kauai myself fairly soon as well! I was able to find some great suggestions on this board by doing a search for Kauai. What area are you staying in? North, south?


    1. Try searching...there are many past threads that will help provide you with some answers.

      1. Kauai has wonderful farmers markets all over the island, at a different location each day of the week. They call them Sunshine Markets here. They are a wonderful source of fresh fruits, veggies, and herbs. There are also several very good fish markets around the island. We have had fish from the Kilauea Fish Market, Koloa Fish Market, and Hanalei Dophin, and the fish has been fresh and delicious. The Costco in Lihue is also a good source of fresh fish.

        1. Here is a link to the different markets - also look for the links to the local eateries (click on Kauai dining). The sooner you can go local, the better your vacation will be.

          Here is just one of the threads from another visitor -

          1. I forgot to mention - if you are on the north shore, this is the place I usually shop for fish or steaks - Hanalei Dolphin Fish Market. Then there are the Foodlands in Princeville and Kapaa for the rest of your needs.