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Aug 20, 2009 09:44 PM

La Table De Joel Robuchon Lunch?

I've read that this 2 Michelin star restaurant has an inexpensive (by Michelin standards) lunch menu of 55 euro. But all of the information I can find seems to be a year or two old. Is it still 55 Euro? And is it only on the weekend or weekdays as well?

I assume you should make a reservation, but the webpage only allows reservations after 7:00pm. Since we have to call, I'd like to sound like I know what I'm talking about when it comes to the price and days and things.

Also, my husband doesn't eat meat, but he does eat fish. I'd assume he can somehow navigate through the course choices without hitting a mammal or bird, but this is Paris so I could be wrong. Well, I'm looking forward to the meat at least.

Thank so much for any help. I feel a little lost when it comes to the whole Paris set menu, reservations, courses and all that. I'm really looking forward to it though!

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  1. As of April it was 55 or maybe 58 Euros for 3 courses, cheese, wine, water and coffee.

    I believe the lunch set menu is avalable on weekdays only.

    You can easily avoid meat (at least one entree was vegetarian, multiple fish options for mains).

    1. In case anyone comes upon this thread, we called and made a reservation today. It would seem to be 59 euro now. And it's available every day.

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        Thanks. The menu include a starter, a main, cheese, dessert, half a bottle of wine, bottled water and coffee. It's definitely one of the very great values in town.

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          Agreed; if you are one or two; over that forget talking to each other at the "bar".

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            Perhaps you are referring to "l'Atelier", as "La Table" has regular table seating as opposed to the less than romantic bar arrangement at "l'Atelier".