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Aug 20, 2009 09:24 PM

looking for good indian dish: Patra

My friend's mother (who is Gujarati) would make the best indian dish, called Patra.
I have not found it in a restaurant.
It is a roll made with Taro leaves,chick pea flour or gram flour, mustard seeds, . It is then sliced and fried.
Can anyone tell me where I can get this at a restaurant, preferably near
Kitchener/Wateroo but I would drive ( to toronto or mississauga for example) to get it?
I have found it sold canned in an indian grocery in Chicago once. It was
terrible (bad smell).


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  1. I haven't seen it on a restaurant menu, but the frozen patra available at some stores is better than the canned.

    1. hi there, don't by the one in the can, by the sliced frozen one in packets, by the name Deep. But you will have to add your own spices to really make it good. So you take some oil in a pan, add mustard seeds, cumin seeds,red chilly, turmeric, ground cumin/coriander powder add the slices, and stir fry them, for a few minutes, then you add salt, a handful of white sesame seeds, and garnish with lime juice and fresh coriander, and a pinch of sugar...
      i don't know if this is the right site to post a recipe, sorry chowhound

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        Thank Chillihigh and others,
        I will try the frozen ones. I will also look to make it myself.
        I have seen so many recipes and they are all so different.
        Your's sounds like it matches what I have had.
        My friend's mother's Patra was amazing. The canned stuff was really dank.
        If anyone has opportunity to taste a good representation of this dish, they should.


      2. Toronto has at least one restaurant that purpurts to serve Gujurati food: Exotic Indian Cuisine (1850 Albion Rd, at Highway 27, 416-798-4449). I used to eat there occasionally years ago at their former location called Gujurat Durbar on Gerrard St. in Little India. It was a friendly place with reasonably good vegetarian food. The new version serves meat. I don't know whether they would serve Patra but it may be worth a call.

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          I had an item that sounds similar to that in the Gujarat this past winter. It was served with a spongy savoury cake and topped with coconut milk and sweet sauce that had a strong coriander seed flavour. I couldn't figure out if it was dessert or a main dish. I bought it at a street vendor during the annual kite festival. It was delicious. I'm wondering if I'll ever see it again.

          It might be worth it to wander along Gerrard St, out near Coxwell. There are a couple of vegetarian places that might well have Gujarati origins or influences. You might find your dish at one of these places. There's definitely a Gujarati sweet shop around there too. Ask in there and they might have answers. Try their carrot halwa. It's very nice.

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            what you had was probably Dhokla. That gujarati sweet shop, surti sweets is long closed, the only thing close to gujarati food now is served at the temple at 427 and finch, and the food is really good

        2. At the north end of the mall on the e. side of Markham Rd between Ellesmere and Lawrence (Painted Post?) recognizable by the big sign for MIrch Masala grocery, there is a small farsan and mithra shop (sorry name escapes me) that does very good fresh patra and excellent dhokla.

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            My family is Gujarati so I get homemade patra from my mom and aunts, it's so good!

            I googled Gujarati food in Mississauga and found this place in Brampton, they even have a website: