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Aug 20, 2009 08:48 PM

Marra's Way Sushi, Canmore

After too long away, I finally made a day trip to Canmore today and had lunch at a newish (they've been open about a year) sushi place on Marra's Way, right across the street from Communitea. called Marra's Way Sushi. This place came with several local recommendations and it was, indeed, not only excellent sushi but also an excellent price.

Marra's Way is like a robata-style sushi place but a static one- there is no conveyor belt or toy train; instead, the sushi is prepped and laid out on a table at the back of the resto next to the cash register. It's all very small and cramped, but I figured it out pretty quickly. Dishes are priced as at robata places based on the colour of the plate; it was something like $2.95 for most basic nigiri and simple rolls (2 pieces of nigiri per plate); $4.95 for pricier nigiri (like unagi) and bigger rolls (like spicy tuna, or a shrimp hand roll) and $6.95 at the top for items like uni or rolls with more than one type of fish. For me- a big eater- three from column 1 and two from column 2 was plenty and came to just $17 and change. Better than the price was that the sushi, prepared by a staff that is 100% Japanese, was great! Lovely clean cuts of nigiri, very good rice; it's not El's (for example) but it was extremely competent and cheap and FAST FAST FAST since everything is basically laid out for you, although any item that's not on the table can be ordered and is out in a couple of minutes- I ordered the unagi and the tuna tataki nigiri this way and both came very quickly. All in all a nice alternative in Canmore to higher priced sushi places (and this one, unlike, say, Chef's Studio, is open for lunch).

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  1. Good to hear John, but aren't you weary of sushi that's sitting there for a long time? I understand that most likely this isn't much of an issue during packed hours, but it seems risky that you may have chosen that one $5 plate that's been sitting there for half an hour...

    I know some of these types of places still have some sort of an ala carte ordering method. Was this the case here? In Japan, I ate at a Kaiten, and you had the option of ordering anything, having it made fresh, and sent to the table.

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    1. re: Hoj

      I got there the moment it opened so nothing had been sitting for more than a few-and yes you can order anything a la carte there!

    2. Cheaper but still quality sushi in Canmore indeed a welcome thing. Sounds worth checking out.

      But got to correct you on the use of your terminology. A 'robata' refers to a charcoal grill, where things like yakitori would be cooked over heat. No ties to a 'style of sushi place', and no links to anything like a conveyor or toy train either. Rather, as Hoj notes below, I think you mean to say 'kaiten sushi'. 'Kaiten' meaning like 'revolving' or 'moving around', the often seen cheap (as low as 110 yen per plate for two pieces; with the color coding system for more expensive items) convenient, sushi joints you find in Japan.

      Question, that sushi laid out on the back table, is each plate covered (with say a clear plastic dome) or is it exposed (e.g. prone to drying out if left too long)?

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      1. re: jay_kay

        Arrrrgh. I humbly accept the needed correction.

        Plates were exposed. But like I say, you can order a la carte and nothing had been out for more than a couple of minutes when I was there.

      2. and the good thing is they are expanding to accomodate more people, hence all the construction work next door.