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Aug 20, 2009 08:37 PM

Acadia, ME

We are going to Bar Harbor in a few weeks. Please tell me the restaurant changes this year and the places I must go. We are so looking forward to it!

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  1. Mostly, same old, same old, but Eden is closed and there is a funky new cafe on Rodick St. just up the hill from Morning Glory Bakery; I think it is Called West Cafe. Eclectic menu w/ local produce and meat, fair prices and BYOB (?).

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      You're thinking of Side Street Cafe, and it has a full bar, serves small and large plates. Nice dining room.

      Also, Mache is under new ownership. Had dinner there the other night, and it far, far exceeded expectations. Prices in the $18 and up range.

      And, the old restaurant at Wonder View is now the Looking Glass--Bangor chef Arturo Montes is in charge. Can't beat the views over Bar Harbor, the Porcupines, and beyond; especially good for breakfast, perhaps after sunrise on Cadillac.

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        Yes, Side Street Cafe. Arturo Montes puts out good chow. I won't miss Wonder View.
        Funny, I kayak guide up to 12 hrs a day and have no time to be a tourist. A glass of wine, supper, 3 ibuprophen and bed. Gotta go kayak.
        You are sooo good. Always spot on.

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          Was in Bar Harbor the last few days, and had dinner at both Havana and the Mache Bistro. Havana was very good as expected but a bit more pricey. The Mache Bistro was even better, outstanding presentation and flavors. That, plus the friendly staff and getting to chat with Marie, one of the new owners, made it the best dining experience we ever had in Acadia. My fussy son completely agrees, he had their delicious lamb dish, and I had the duck. We also had 3 appetizers: Crab & lobster cakes, pan rosted mussels, poached pears, all were very yum... we'll definitely be back. The bill came in at a about $100, very reasonable as we both had a couple beers or two, compared to Havana's bill which was around $140 for about the same number of items.

          Be sure to call ahead and make reservations, since it is a fairly small place and we were lucky to get a walk-up table since word is getting around town (glad luck was on our side, it was my 55th birthday - and no, I am not affiliated with them in any way.)
          Their website is

          Not sure if it is true, but the maid at our hotel later told me that the chef at Mache Bistro used to be the chef at Havana?? Wait, I just checked their website and it IS true.

          We'll have to also try the Looking Glass next year...

      2. Maggies, Maggies, MAGGIE's. One of you MUST have the fabled lobster crepes. They're worth the investment of $$ and calories. Best place we've eaten up there on three trips. Also liked McKay's okay. Used to love Cafe This Way, but it was significantly lower quality last trip, and I see Tripadvior reviews are reflecting this too. It used to be our favorite for breakfast and for dinner. We really liked Burning Tree, too, but Maggie's was the best. Also, Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound for lobster is better than the rest. Enjoy, Acadia is wonderful. If it's still open, avoid Bluefish Cafe; it's weird and the food is really un special.

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          We looked for Maggies but couldn't find it ?? And agree on Trenton Bridge LP, although their prices aren't as good as they used to be, and they seem to take way too long to boil the steamers and lobsters even when it wasn't busy at all Tuesday lunch time.

          We tried Cafe This Way and it was just ok, Two Cats last year was better. ymmv

        2. We just got back from a Maine/ Acadia NP vacation, and we say- GO! ENJOY EVERY MINUTE! Our approach was to squeeze every nickle out of a tight budget and still see the sights, so fancy dining was not our objective. And we are not lobster fans. That said, we came into Bar Harbor for a lunch on our first day in the National Park, and my wife and I both had quite nice meals at the Main Street Market and Grill, 317 Main St. My wife is very particular about a good salad, and she gave her main dish salad rave reviews. I had a couple of "red" hot dogs, and as a hot dog afficionado from the South, trying the red guys was a treat. The next day we hit a deli down the street that does some advertising and does incredible injustice to Boar's Head products. Avoid Adelmann's Deli.
          I was surprised that Acadia National Park does not have much in the way of places to eat. We did not eat at the one restaurant at Jordan Pond, so we were left with leaving the park for lunches. We did not like the wall-to-wall-people
          atmosphere of Bar Harbor itself.
          Acadia National Park also has a less visted section on the Schoodic Penninsula, and I am so glad we traveled over to Schoodic Point as part of our trip. The pastries, good coffee and simple atmosphere of 2 Sisters Bakery and Cafe, 352 Main St., Winter Harbor, Maine, (on the Schoodic Penninsula) all made for a great mid-morning stop for us. (Schoodic Penninsula is about an hour from the Mount Desert Island portion of Acadia NP- go back to Ellsworth and head north on Rt 1 and then to Rt 186.)