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4 days in toronto for a foodie...

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dear chowhounds...
I have 4 days in toronto for film festival and would like to not waste time finding some good food.
Money no object (well within reason) I would prefer the budget = the food, and not because zagats says it is so.
I welcome your opinions.
Many thanks
hungry in nyc

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  1. Do you have particular preferences? Also, try doing a search or even look on the first page. There are always tourist posts rehashing the same question.

    Now for the Cliff's notes.....

    nyc does most things better than Toronto, especially traditional fine dining. Your best bet is with Chinese and Portugeuse


    1. A few favourites - Le Celestin (Mt Pleasant Road), Torito - Spanish Tapas - great Sangria (on Augusta Ave), Gilead - good lunch spot (Gilead Place), Milagros - great Mexican (Yonge Street at Lawrence), for a great dinner (pricey but so worth it), Scaramouche - on Benvenuto.

      1. I'm told there is one thing Toronto does much better than NYC; price. Near the TIFF you'll find, Trattoria Nervosa and I reccomend going to Panorama for a drink because the view of the city is lovely. Downtown try Canoe for a drink, the view is different, but equally lovely. Do the Gallery Grill for brunch, Black Hoof for late nights, Simple Bistro for, you guessed it, bistro, and Colborne lane for molecular/modern tasting menu.
        Have fun.

        1. Try the top of the Hyatt at University and Bloor for a late night cocktail.
          The Pearl at Harbourfront if you want *decent* (not stellar) Chinese without the drive to Markam
          A Marc Thuet joint (whatever he happens to have open now) for real Alsatian cuisine.
          Table 25 at George for a nice intimate dinner
          The Fifth is always reliable
          Hi's for a steak and lots of booze in a nice room, with white-jacketed old-school waiters

          Avoid - Bar Chef. What an absolute waste of time. Home of useless poseurs and $30 cocktails that are incredibly pretentious and not at all tasty.

          1. If money is no object, I would choose Lai Wah Heen over Pearl @ Harbourfont. It's also closer to Yorkville area.

            Marc Thuet's newest resto is Conviction. I've heard mixed reviews, would recommend checking the website and menu out first. I don't think it's Alsatian focused.

            The Fifth is nice, with it's heated rooftop patio.

            I really like Splendido and find the menu well executed. Nota Bene is also quite good. Both have excellent service and food. These would be my two picks out of all I've suggested. Lai Wah Heen is close behind as well.

            1. I disagree with aser ( below) that NYC does "most things better than Toronto" but I do not want to quibble about that. Toronto, like nYC has a large ethnic population so depending on what you feel like there are several options. In Yorkville, not a lot of great food around. Mistura is very good Italian and has a jazz lounge abouve called Sopra. One in the Hazelton is for posers, IMO. Top of the Hyatt is a greatvenue for cocktails. Lah Wai Heen is good for dim sum and so is its sister restaurant on Mount Pleasant Loh Hai Teen ( or something like that).
              Can't beat the view at Canoe ( downtown ) and the food & service is also great! Thuet's place is very hit n miss but great if you get him on a good night. Black Hoof is very good but does not take reservations.....so you will have to wait ( and you said you did not want to waste time). If you want ethnic cuisine ...what is your preference? There's a few I may suggest .

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                The burger and fries at One are phenomenal, whether or not they're for "posers" (the preferred term is "poseurs," I believe).

              2. Canoe has amazing food if your budget will allow. One in the Hazelton (on the patio) lets you watch the comings and goings in Yorkville and great for star spotting and also is a expensive but worth it. Sneak over to Hart House in the University of Toronto - Gallery Grill is great for lunch or Sunday brunch. I echo Panorama for a drink but not food there. Also the Library Bar at the top of the Hyatt Park Plaza. Vaticano, Mitsura, Splendido, are also good bets.