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Aug 20, 2009 08:00 PM

On the topic of MILK: Looking for...*Hard*

So the recent topic of best milk brought up a little query I have on the topic of "GRAND PRE" milk.

I go to college in the US and I'll be going back to school in a matter of weeks. However, I've found that I use a LOT of milk there (cereal, oatmeal, coffee, protein shake) and it gets expensive. And since I can't find Grand Pre (my absolute favorite milk there) I was thinking of buying it wholesale. (like a case of 18-24 boxes) and bringing it to school.

It doesn't have to be refrigerated before usage and would really save me a hassle there.


No website, no parent company, nothing for shipping.

Does ANYONE here know where oh where I could find this milk in bulk format that I could then ship to school.

Buying it individually at the grocery store sounds too expensive.

Please help :(

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  1. They have the same type of product in the US made by Parmalat and it's less than $2 a liter. I have seen in most major grocery stores.

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      1. re: berbatov

        It's embarrassing but I haven't been to Costco since the "Club Price" days. Has anyone really seen it there?

        1. re: BoomerKid

          They had it about a year ago, I imagine they still do.

          1. re: nelya

            They have a "6-pack" of Grand Pre at Costco, only 2% milk though

    1. You can try ordering a case from the place you normally buy it. My local Provigo ordered a case of almond milk for me a couple of weeks ago.

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      1. re: devilishlyj

        How much of it did you order?

        Did you get a rebate or actually have to pay more?

        ....I wonder if they ship.

        1. re: BoomerKid

          I ordered a case of 12. I paid the regular price though :( Although the kind I like is generally harder to get, so I got fed up of the empty shelves and just shelled out for a guaranteed supply. You do, what you gotta do...