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Aug 20, 2009 07:29 PM

What do you make for your baby?

I'm curious to know what foodies make for their babies! I have a baby who just turned 8 months old, and would love to know what you feed your babies (and DO FEEL FREE to pass along easy recipes)! Looking forward to hearing from you!!!

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  1. When my daughter was moving off of baby food, I would brown up ground beef or turkey and mix it with mashed potatoes (regular or sweet) or steamed squash. I made it in big batches and froze it in ice cube trays. It was so easy to pop out a few cubes and microwave them up.

    Also did that with tomato sauce (with and without ground beef in it). Just cook a tablespoon or two of tiny pasta and then pop out a cube or two of sauce.

    1. I make a salmon-avocado mash for my 11 month old and she loves it. I think the first time I made it, I poached the salmon. Lately I've been grilling it and letting her feed herself flaked fish and avocado cubes.

      Another favorite is creamy pasta with ham and peas. I toss cooked pasta with parmesan cheese and cream with cubes of ham and green peas. Sometimes I omit the cream and cheese and add chicken stock for a lighter dish.

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        Very healthy! I too am trying to incorporate as much fresh, and healthy ingredients into my baby's diet. He's just getting the hang of feeding himself a few items...

      2. I got myself a hand crank food mill and just grind up some of whatever I am eating at the time (not meat). My kids always loved my pasta fagioli soup and similar items.

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        1. We have an 8 month old too!
          Nothing REAL intersting yet:
          ground turkey mixed with peas, zuchini, carrots and brown rice
          mashed banana with oatmeal
          butternut squash
          golden beets, silken tofu and ground lamb are next. We are currently introducing herbs in everything too.

          Look up the "beaba" baby food maker. I thought it might be another useless expensive gadget marketed to ppl with too much $, but it really is handy, quick and easy. I doubt we'll ever buy baby food.

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            Hi there--I'm giving a lot of similar food, except no meat yet. I too didn't want to invest in a gadget, especially because I considered it short-term. We have been traveling quite a bit which has, unfortunately, gotten us off track in the food department. I bought Sprout and Plum organic products and my baby loves them. I'd rather, however, make food for him!

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              I'll tell you what, after only a few months, the Beaba product has already paid for itself. We are also in a csa, so we get organic veggies every week, but even the things we purchase in a grocery store turn out to be a good amt cheaper than buying pre-made food. We'll steam / puree the veggies in the Beaba, and then fill up ice cube trays with the puree. Once the trays are frozen, we pop out the cubes and then put them into a gallon freezer bag for the big freezer in the basement. So now, in the basement, we have decent quantities of frozen carrots, peas, green beans, beets, brown rice, turkey, lamb, zuchini, squash, apples, pears, peaches, nectarines, plums, etc. SO, mealtime is a cube of zuchini mixed with a cube of turkey, desert is a cube of peaches mixed with some oatmeal. 30, 40 secs in the microwave, and we can mix up the combos pretty well. Cube of this with a cube of that - next day it's a cube of x with a cube of y - you get the drift.

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                I've got a 7 month old at home and I'm going through all the same foods. I don't think you need a special cooker to make the food for your baby, microwaving or steaming is easy and a blender or food processor makes quick work of pureeing them. Covered ice cube trays stack up nicely in the freezer. I've priced baby food, you can do a lot better for a lot less.

                Check out a book called "Super Baby Food" by Ruth Yaron, a lot of good ideas. My little guy loves brown rice/banana porridge and mashed avocados. We've started a pool on what his first word will be, my money is on "more".

            2. Hi! My baby is now two, but I still remember a lot of what we fed him at that age. From 6 months to around 8 months we mostly did single item purees in the food processor - sweet potato, parsnip, green beans, etc, along with hand-mashed avocado, bananas, roasted pears. I used this web site quite a bit:

              Probably about 8 months we started adding in finger food. Favorites baby food items were: edamame (out of the shell of course), hummus, yogurt, scrambled eggs, fish, and diced fruit like mango. (Note that some pediatricians still advise waiting a year on eggs and dairy - ours did not.


              I also made couscous bean balls by cooking together couscous and mashed navy beans and adding cheese at the end and shaping it all into loose balls. Sometimes I'd add little bits of veggie in to the balls too. Otherwise, whatever we ate I would give him little bits of.

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                Wow, this web site is such a great resource--thank you so much for sharing.