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Aug 20, 2009 06:30 PM

Craving Thai Downtown

We don't have long for lunch, so what are our options near Concordia/Crescent area? Something that can be done in about an hour.

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  1. Unfortunately, I think most of the options in that area are the typical Chinese/Cantonese/Szechwuan/Thai quick and cheap greasy spoons. There's nothing wrong with those, but they aren't the pinnacle of authenticity either. Obviously, there's tonnes of those near Concordia, the closest being right next to Cafe Depot just west of the Library building.
    I heard the new place that opened on the northwest corner of St. Mathew and St. Cath is good, though, and as far as I can recall it is Thai/Pho. Might be worth a try but even that's a good 10 minute walk from campus

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        I second Bangkok in the Faubourg. It may be considered fast food, but it's the yummiest Thai in the Concordia area IMO.

    1. there is a thai restaurant just beside the bar b barnes and the al taib on guy.. i forgot the name but the food isn't too shabby there.

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      1. Thanks for all these replies. Bangkok was the choice among all the gang here.

        I hadn't been in over six months, and forgot how much I love it. Ok, I love their #8, extra spicy... that is the only thing I ever order since I love it. I varied a bit and got it with shrimp this time... still good, but back to the chicken again next time.