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Aug 20, 2009 06:22 PM

Makin' Ribs; Need a Finger-Lickin'-Good Sauce Recipe!

A buddy and I are gonna cook up some pork ribs this weekend and are trying to branch out from the same old sauce recipe. We're lookin' for somethin' with molasses and a kick (preferably). Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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  1. See here for two treats--a tasty brine and root beer BBQ sauce:

    1. I cooked up some baby back ribs last week. I'm in the middle of moving, so I'm trying to use up a bunch of stuff in the pantry and fridge. I found a bar of 100% cacao chocolate in there, the end of some light molasses, a bottle of winter lager, the end of a bottle of worcestershire, and some vinegary hot sauce.
      First I sauteed two medium sized vidalia onions and a couple cloves of garlic in some bacon grease, and smoked six halved tomatoes while the ribs were going - deseed the tomatoes first and reserve the seeds and gunk. I diced and then added the tomatoes, and then the chocolate (4 ounces) to the onions and oil once they were tender. Once the chocolate was melted, I added the tomato seeds and gunk, worcestershire (about five or six dashes), a couple tablespoons of dijon mustard, and the bottle of winter lager - any beer would work, but the maltier the better. I simmered that for about five minutes, then pureed it, ran that through cheesecloth, and then back into the pan. I added hot sauce and tasted until it was at the right heat, then added all the molasses I had. It ended up needing a little more sweetness, so I added honey until it was right.
      This is more or less the basic recipe I use for sauce, minus the chocolate. It was really good with the chocolate, but it's really good without the chocolate.

      1. Believe it or not, Bulls Eye Original is a pretty good ribs sauce. I used to make my own--which is darn good, but the Bulls Eye is just as good if not better than any I've tried. I usually make dry rub ribs anyway and don't even use sauce.

        1. I would just doctor up some Sweet Baby Ray's with a little heat. Lots easier than from scratch.

          Did 18 racks of baby backs on Sunday, some Bone Smoker's Rub and light coat of SBR about 20 minutes before pulling. They were perfect.

          1. Great wisdom is found in the faq at and their recipe archive is deep.

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              I made this Tyler Florence BBQ sauce and it received a lot of praise.


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                thanks for the link to the BBQ list - great information!