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Aug 20, 2009 05:56 PM

Where to go? San Francisco and Guerneville

Hello and Please Help.
I will be in SF for just 1 nite. I used to love to go to Incanto. Haven't been there in about 2 years. I am undecided to go back, with Chris Cosentino on food network, I wonder is the restaurant still good? I live in L.A. so to me Incanto is an outstanding Italian restaurant. So my question is I am undecided to go to Incanto or some place I haven't been yet, such as A16, SPQR, Quince, Fish and Farm, Spruce. Where do you SF eaters love to go? Also any suggestions for a nicer dining restaurant in the Russian River area?

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  1. If you are interested in very good northern Italian food, try Perbacco, 240 California Street. Do a "Search this board" search for it and you will find a number prior discussions about it.

    1. I'll second Perbacco. I had a rediculously good meal there two weeks ago -- better than you could hope to have at Incanto, and even much better than A16, one of my tried-and-true haunts, is capable of providing.

      If you are considering restaurants in the price range of Spruce, you might consider Ame. Really unique and wonderful.

      The best restaurant in the RRV, by a mile, is the restaurant at Farmhouse Inn:

      For a more casual place, but still with good food, you can try Zazu.

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          We had the herb ricotta gnocchi with wild mushrooms, the pork chop and the monkfish in red wine with porcini. (Also, a simple salad of frisee, arugala, radicchio, and belgain endive with reggiano parmesan, salt pepper, EVOO and lemon juice.)

          Wine service (and list) are also off-the-charts good. (Only 50% markup over retail on a lot of the wines... including really hard to find wines.)

          As I said in my review... it really does not satisfy the current trend of regional Italian cooking. But, if you are willing to do generic Northern Italian... it is just awesome. Or, at least, it was three weeks ago.

      1. After I posted this, I remembered I have wanted to go to Perbacco. That is where we are going. Thank you to the both of you for replying. Whiner, I booked a table at Village Inn. Have you been? Farmhouse looks great! Thanks for your suggestion.

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          sorry, I've not been to the Village Inn. Let us know how you like it and Perbacco!

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            The Village Inn in Monte Rio? My husband and I eat there frequently for celebrations and sometimes just for fun. The food is not earth-shaking or anything, but it's always reliable and the rooms are pretty and have great views. They do excel at soups, and the salads are scrupulously fresh. The bartender is pretty well-known around here for his expertise at cocktails. The service is very warm and friendly. We chose it mostly because it's the nicest place that we can walk to. Farmhouse Inn (in Forestville) is in another class altogether. That is destination dining. Everything I have ever eaten there has been sublime. The setting is gorgeous without being fussy. The service is as nearly perfect as I've ever experienced.

            There is also Applewood Inn, in Guerneville. It's perhaps not quite the sublime experience that Farmhouse Inn provides, but it is very good. On the way to the bathroom, you can look through a window into the kitchen, which is fun. I've written this on this board many times before, but I did have the best duck breast I ever ate there.

            1. re: Kathleen M

              Thanks for your reply. When I was checking out the menus, all 3 looked good. Applewood I think is closed on Sundays. That would be the day I would be going. My partner wants to go to the Kendall Jackson tomato festival. So, we only have 1 day for wineries and a dinner somewhere. What are some of your favorite wineries? I was probably going to do based on recs. Dutton-Goldfield, Ironhorse, Hartford. Any others I am missing?

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                Since you have only one day, and are based in Guerneville, I'd suggest exploring the Dry Creek Valley. I have to admit that even though I live here, I haven't been out wine tasting in ages. Korbel is obviously a big commercial operation, but they do have a great tour and you can taste some wines that are only available there. We really like Hop Kiln. Ferrari-Carano may not be the best winery, but it certainly has the prettiest garden!