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Aug 20, 2009 05:10 PM

Roland's Bagels > Real Bagesl in SF (Finally)

Finally made it to Roland's Bakery last Sunday to try their supposed bagels. Well, I'm happy to report that Roland's does in fact have REAL bagels. I had an everything bagel with cream cheese. Delish... Grabbed the last onion biali to go cuz it just looked too amazing not to snag. Couldn't be happier to have this place in SF, let alone right in my hood!

Went back this morning for round two. Definitely not a fluke. These are really good freakin bagels. A bit crusty on the outside, but not overly so, and soft, doughy goodness on the inside.

If you're a fan of real bagels and know the difference between a real bagel, and bagel-shaped bread, then you really must do yourself a favor and get over to Roland's immediately.

422 Haight St
(between Webster St & Fillmore St)
San Francisco, CA 94117

(415) 896-4925

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  1. I tried it out yesterday afternoon. Picked up a couple of sesame and a couple of onion bagels. To this former east-coaster they seem like the real deal as well. They are "more dense" and consequently "chewier" than the House of Bagels, which I felt were the best available until trying these.

    1. I've been hearing good things about Roland's, glad to have your report here. I need to get in there for the bialies.

      Roland's Bakery & Cafe
      422 Haight St, San Francisco, CA

      1. loved the Morning buns on Sunday! the Danish were just going into the oven and looked lovely, topped with raspberries... the wisp of sweetness in the bagel may be malt... the breakfast menu entices!

        1. Stopped by this AM to get an onion and poppy bialy w/ cream cheese. Kinda crusty, but chewy enough and good flavor. Also tried what I call a morning bun, nice chew and crust again. Roland was sitting outside, thanked me. I said I was happy to see the vat of boiling water on the stove for real bagels.

          1. Breakfast is VERY GOOD... we had the California Omelet and the Corn Beef... with a danish and iced coffee this morning. Being picky about omelettes, we were very pleased with this one - it's cooked just the way we like it, not overdone — a tasty balance of flavors. The corn beef with potatoes, spinach and fried eggs is thick slices of corn beef with a generous portion of buttery potatoes - and perfectly over easy eggs.
            Parking is easy on this end of lower Haight.