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Aug 20, 2009 04:08 PM

Any great breads in the Hartford area?

Can't seem to find the great crusty country-style whole-grain breads that I'd like. Any bakeries in the area that specialize? Panera makes a multi-grain that I like but otherwise...???

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  1. I really like the Chabaso breads in the brown-bag wrapper you can buy at Stop & Shop. Have you tried them?

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    1. re: kattyeyes

      Am I correct that the first ingredient for most of their breads is unbleached wheat flour? Not the same as whole wheat flour nutritionally, which I would hope for. I see the closest locations for me are Big Ys - evidently our S&S stores locally don't carry them.

      1. re: philbkr

        Not sure where you are, but I can get Chabaso in Middletown or Cromwell at Stop & Shop. They do make a cranberry pecan multigrain--I haven't tried it, but have heard it's delicious. If Big Y isn't a haul for you, maybe see if you can find one of their breads that works for you. But croissants aren't whole wheat, either! ;)

        If you head down toward the shore, check out Patisserie du Glace in Deep River. Their croissants, macaroons...EVERYTHING...are exceptional...pear frangipane tart...raspberry bars...

    2. try First and Last Bakery on Maple Ave Hartford- across the street from the restaurant. I also hear that a french bakery is opening in the old 3 dog bakery space in West Hartford Center. My fingers are crossed.

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      1. re: brookerme

        Thanks--I know where you mean and will get over there ASAP. And a French bakery? Ooo-la-la!! Croissant au chocolat!

      2. I like the Chabasa breads too, especially the ciabatta. But the ciabetta at Whole Foods is better. Everyone that I have served it to loves it. I usually cut it up in sandwich sized pieces and put it in the freezer. When I need it I microwave it a little and put it in the toaster. It's better fresh, of course. But it's not so bad thawed and toasted either.

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        1. re: aldente1

          I forgot about WF--you're so right about their ciabatta, and I love it too...more than Chabaso. Their other breads are excellent, too--there's one with cranberries (?) I'm especially fond of. Haven't had it in a while. Still warm from the oven often times, it is quite wonderful! :)

        2. Have ya tried Great Harvest in Manchester? They make some really yummy breads. This month's menu is at

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          1. re: ratbuddy

            Having lived in Manchester for many years, I know about and have been to GH. I haven't had their breads for a long time. I remember a heavy and moist bread that I didn't care for, texture-wise. Perhaps it's time to try one or two selectively--thanks for the menu connection.

            1. re: philbkr

              It's not super crusty like a ciabatta might be but they do make good bread. Make a point of stopping in on a Friday so you can at least try the pepperoni roll. Mmmm. Check out the chocolate chip scones, if they have any when you are there. Very very nice. It's actually been a while, I can't remember if they are chocolate chip, or a combo with butterscotch chips. Either way, very tasty.

              1. re: ratbuddy

                I used to go to the Great Harvest on Maple Ave in Hartford when I worked in Hartford, but they closed. I've had a hankerin for some of their bread recently and was wondering if the place in Manchester was still open. Thanks.