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Aug 20, 2009 03:49 PM

GIrl's Night Out! (Belltown SEA)

Looking for recommendations for a group of girls (6-8) getting together for dinner before visiting a few bars. Before the mommy days, I would have known where to, I'm a wee bit out of touch.

Thinking possibly going out in Belltown after dinner, so maybe dinner should be in the area too. Some place with great food for a whole host of palates, but not too quiet or romantic where we would wear out our welcome with laughter and chatting.

Suggestions please!

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  1. Hello! I would definitely recommend the Tap House Grill on 6th Ave. ( they have an amazing happy hour and a very fun atmosphere. After you are done there if you have time before heading to Belltown make your way to Tini Bigs ( and order a "Burning Man" or "Aloe" Martini, the Burning Man is no longer in the menu but they still make it if requested. It is the best martini in the world, followed closely by the Aloe. Have a fabulous evening and I hope this helps!

    1. Palace Kitchen is accommodating and good.

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        Umi Sake house and tavolata would be fun. Maybe even pink door.

      2. Brasa on Third Avenue
        Lola (avoid the kabobs - too dry)
        Icon Grill

        1. I was just at a birthday at Black Bottle and couldn't help noticing all the groups of gals all over the restaurant - it seemed really popular for birthdays and bachelorettes. I didn't have much to eat (just nibbles of appetizers) so can't vouch for the food, but others said they liked it. The restaurant was busy, seemed liked a fun going-out sort of place.

          Another idea is Spur. I personally didn't like the food much, but many on this board like it.

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            Spur, my current answer to all ?s belltown.

          2. Thanks for the suggestions so far. I should add that a place that takes reservations for a group smaller than 6 would be preferred.

            How about the Local Vine? Anyone been there recently? I went when they first opened and remembered enjoying it, but that was over 2 years ago.

            I'm thinking that a bunch of girls...small plates would be a good way to go. Or sushi. But maybe not something as heavy as Italian. Black Bottle has been mentioned amongst the group already.

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              Black Bottle is wonderful. The food is good, it's reasonably priced and it's a nice atmosphere. Zoe is very good, though pricey. Palace Kitchen is great and you definitely won't be too loud there!