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Aug 20, 2009 03:47 PM

yom tov/shabbat friendly ovens

we are looking to purchase new ovens. I would like one where the oven controls are manual (that controls the oven to temperature such as 250, 300 etc) so I can use it on yom tov. most seem electric and shut off after 12 hours (which is bad for shabbat) the only oven I have seen is wolf. Any suggestions of other companies that have this type of manual controls?

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  1. We have a GE with shabbat/YT mode, which we are happy with.

    1. Many of the "shabbath mode" ovens can't actually be used on shabbat., but are awesome for yontiff. When I renovated my kitchen I found this link to be absolutely indispensable. check it out!! you will find it extremely helpful. There is also a dishwasher and counter top section on the website. be sure to ask your Rav how he poskins though. GL!

      1. Just an additional thought, I just had to replace the igniter on my 4 year old oven. The service guy said it was due to keeping the oven on Shabbos, and that the oven was just not meant for that kind of heavy duty use, even though for Shabbos I keep it at 180
        (Halachic disclaimer...I only use it for Friday night to take the warm food out, I don't put in).

        Most ovens now have a feature to over-ride the 12 hour shut off and as for Yom Tov, I do all my cooking ahead of time any way and keep it at 325 for reheating.

        1. My Bosch dual-fuel convection oven has a "Sabbath" mode, indicated on the readout by a little menorah icon. What it effectively means is that, rather than the oven shutting itself off after 12 hours as a safety measure, you can override the safety and keep it going up to 36 hours. The warming drawer on the oven can go on Sabbath mode also, either together with or independent of the main oven.

          As an everyday oven, I'm lovin' it. I love the convection part. It's just great.

          1. I'm told that there are many rabbis who are not in agreement with the Star-K regarding the use of these ovens. At any rate, I think they are only for Yom Tov, NOT Shabbat.
            We have a Viking...not digital, purely analog...dials and a red light. Red light ON, oven heating, red light OFF, on stand-by...old fashioned, but it makes my life easier.

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              Rav Heineman and the Star K are in disagreement with the vast majority of poskim on this issue. The vast majority hold that with the electronic oven controls on Shabbos Mode, one cannot change the temperature of the oven on Yom Tov, even without a digital readout of the temperature, even with a delay. Consequently, the electronic controls for the Shabbos mode only allow half of the claimed convenience features. However, they are still worthwhile, in that the automatic turn-off after 12 hours is disabled, allowing multiple-day cooking. So as long as one figures out a temperature which will meet all of his requirements, it is a matter of setting and forgetting until after Yom Tov and/or Shabbos.