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Aug 20, 2009 03:07 PM

Stumptown Coffee, thanks for the tip!

I stopped by Trois Pommes cafe on 5th Avenue the other day on a recommendation here for Stumptown coffee. I'd read about the Stumptown guy coming to Brooklyn in NY Mag but never pursued giving the coffee a try until I got the rec here.

I drink drip coffee black and a like a medium bodied flavorful roast. This was wonderful! I drank the whole cup, which is rare for me because I lose interest once coffee becomes tepid. I can't wait to get to 5th Avenue to get another cup. I don't think this is a case of the emperor's new clothes, because I NEVER understood the popularity of Starbucks (and I used to live in Seattle.) This is good stuff. Thanks for the recommendation!

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  1. Yup, its wonderful stuff. You should swing by Cobble Hill though and check out the cafe he co-owns with Frankies at Court/Warren. I'm not sure if Trois Pommes does it the same way but at Cafe Peddlar, the drop coffee is made up of like 20 individual french presses which they then pour into the caraffe.

    1. Stumptown coffee is also served at Sit and Wonder, on Washington Ave at St Marks.

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        And also at the wonderful, funky Roots Cafe on 5th Ave and 18th St. While you're in the neighborhood, stop at Little Buddy Biscuit Co and get some delightful cookies.