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A friend is bringing me Trader Joe's snacks- which ones?

I'm in Canada, and a friend in the States is going to bring me a bagful of TJ's stuff. I want mostly dried fruit, nuts, cookies, snacky stuff. Recommendations? I already know I want dried cherries, black cocoa almonds, and triple ginger snaps.

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  1. Hot & Sweet Sesame Nuts. they're so freaking good! (but *highly* addictive, so snacker beware...)

    1. crunching on some sesame honey cashews right now. Even though it is hot and muggy here in Penna I doubt they will have a chance of spoiling.

      1. Pretzel thins! Love those.

        1. Jalapeno Cheese curls

          Triple G snaps & honey Sesame nuts have been covered...

          Dried banana

          Vaccum fried banana chips in the silver bag - weird finish, but you get over it really quick.

          I found out that the cinnamon cat treats - which are in the same pcking as the ginger snaps (round container) are very good as well - pretty much lkike fresh animal crackers with cinnamon flavor - not BAD for you, either.

          Um, seriously, make sure you get multiple containers of the triple snaps. They are like eating buttered ginger with sugar.

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            re: the Cinnamon Cats, i've personally never had them, but my brother & his kids love the Chocolate Cat Cookies.

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              I tried their chocolate cat cookies a few days ago because those tend to be one of their "signature" cookies. I thought they were okay but nothing special. I can easily see why a lot of people end up eating half the tub because they aren't very satisfying.

              Note: I would not consider them "pretty healthy" by any means. You can definitely eat a lot worst things for a snack or a treat but I wouldn't call it a "healthy/good-for-you" snack.

              1. re: Jacey

                i didn't say they were healthy, in fact i've never even looked at the tub so i have no idea what's in them. i just know that my brother & his kids tend to polish off impressive amounts of them...perhaps because, as you said, they're not very satisfying.

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              OMG those ginger snaps. Of course you need some. I like the wasabi peas w/o food coloring too.

            3. Candied pecans and walnuts, any of the nut mixes; along with the dried cherries, the Blenheim apricots are great, Druid Circle oatmeal raisin cookies....

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                Totally agree with the candied pecan crack. Chocolate covered pretzels and the "almond joy" type candy are good if you like that sort of thing.

                Also, Thai Chili lime whatever nuts. And freeze dried blueberries and mangoes!

                Sweet/spicy dried green beans also good.

                Ritter Sport bars--available elsewhere but cheapest at TJs.

                1. re: coney with everything

                  "Also, Thai Chili lime whatever nuts."
                  just avoid the "Tom Yum Cashews" at all costs...they're positively VILE.

                  1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                    Can't disagree more with that. They're always sold out at my neighborhood TJ's -- gotta get there early to get some. Everyone who tries them who visits my house is an instant addict. Love 'em.

              2. I love the freeze dried bananas and mangoes, also the Japanese Sticky Rice Snacks.

                1. I just tried a box of their Sweet, Savory and Tart Trail Mix bars (basically a granola bar type thing) and they are awesome. I usually am not a granola bar lover, but these are really good. They have peanuts, cashews, almonds, dried cranberries, brown rice, oats, a few choco ship, etc. in them and they seem lighter (as in, not as dense) to me than a typical bar. They are chewy, sweet but not overly so, and the whole nuts in them are fantastic.

                  1. I do not know if you will classify these as a snack......or a treat. but I like their chocolate covered cherries and chocolate covered raspberry jellies.

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                    1. re: fourunder

                      on that note:
                      dark chocolate espresso beans
                      yogurt raisins
                      espresso pillows
                      chili-spiced dark chocolate wedges.

                      1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                        I love the chocolate pillows, but I question the calorie content listed on the package. Seems to good to be true.

                        1. re: Jacey

                          surprisingly, it's accurate! i was skeptical at first so i did the calculations by weight, and gram for gram the nutritionals are comparable to standard chocolate-covered toffee bars like Heath & Skor.

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                            Thanks for calculating. I guess it comes down to portion size. I was thinking I was getting a bang for my "calorie buck" but apparently not. :(

                            1. re: Jacey

                              IIRC there are about 5 servings in that little tin, so yeah, it's easy to go overboard. but by the same token, if you *can* stop yourself at one serving, it's better than eating an entire candy bar! ;)

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                        TJ's dark chocolate covered raspberry sticks are my favorite! Milk chocolate covered raisins are good too.

                      3. Dried mango slices
                        Cheddar cheese popcorn
                        Candied ginger

                        1. TJ's kettlecorn...completely addictive.

                          1. way late for OP, but.... for future reference: cranberry dunkers (cookies) with white chocolate drizzle. the best cookie around.