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Aug 20, 2009 02:28 PM

Question about pickles and pickle vendor at JJ Byrne Farmer's Market on 5th ave

I am a fan of pickles, but I'm no connoisseur. I recently bought some plain dill pickles (my favorite variety) from Doc Pickles at the JJ Byrne farmer's market. The good thing is, they got me in the mood for pickles that aren't necessarily Vlassic. The bad news is, I didn't think they were great. To me they were a little mushy and overly salty which is saying a lot since I love salt. Am I right that these aren't great pickles, or is that pretty much what you get when you buy from a pickle vendor? I am sorry if I sound clueless here, I'm trying to figure out if maybe I'm just a more lowbrow pickle eater and I should stick with grocery store brands and cornichons, or if there are better pickles out there. And if there are better pickles, where can I get them? I'm guessing the lower east side, but I'm afraid to post this on the Manhattan board for fear that the Chowhound Team will banish my post.

Thanks and don't make fun of my pickle naivete!

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  1. Gus' Pickles is moving from lower Manhattan to Boro Park (Ibelieve).
    In lowere Manhattan try The Pickle Guys.