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Raw Milk direct from the farmer?

There are some old threads on this, but none recent, so I'm trying it again -

I currently buy my raw milk from the Hollywood Farmer's Market - Organic Pastures. I'd like to find a new source. I'd also like to support the farmer as directly as possible - I try to avoid Whole Foods because of their massive markups. Any other raw milk sellers at local farmer's market, even a co-op situation where you rent the cow, anything? Hollywood and the Valley are very convenient; if it's a good enough deal I'll go wherever I can get to on a day off.

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  1. i read on the OP website that they deliver through ups. Not sure how UPS can deliver milk though. Anyways there's a number on there and they also have some sort of store in glendale. http://www.organicpastures.com/shop.html

    buy direct hub location OPDC HUB Raw Milk Store
    3040 Rosslyn St. Los Angeles, CA 90065
    Cross Street: I-5 and Los Feliz Blvd.

    Let me know how it works out. I usually get it at my health food store on magnolia here in burbank. It's way cheaper than whole foods.

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    1. re: cartbaby

      Thanks, but I'm looking to buy from someone OTHER than Organic Pastures...

      1. re: thursday

        ok, i saw another label next to OP at my health store. It was also raw. I'll have to check if it's local. It was in one of those glass bottles. I've been drinking this raw stuff only recently and I really like the taste.

        1. re: thursday

          Is there any specific reason why you are looking for someone other than OP? A1 vs A2 beta-casein? Or something else... ? Thanks!

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            Not to be too mysterious about it, but I have personal reasons that I don't think are fair to the seller to share publicly.

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          Just an FYI. I went by their "hub" today and its basically a parking lot with a couple of their trucks parked their. I couldnt find anyone there and called their number. They told me that the only time you can buy product at the "hub" is on Saturday between 10 and 2. There is nobody there at any other time.

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            Wow, that's surprising. I emailed the company to let them know this critical piece of info is missing. It's the cheapest way of getting their products in LA (1/2 gallon is $6). If you go to the farm, it's $5. Considering the cost of gas to Fresno, I'd say that's a bargain!

            Mr Taster

            1. re: Mr Taster

              The cost of Organic Pastures milk has gone up to $7.75 per 1/2 gallon at the Hub Store, supposedly as a way of subsidizing the mobile testing lab they've constructed.

              Even at $6, the stuff was so damned expensive.... but I made some fresh mozzarella and ricotta with it last weekend, and the stuff was heavenly.

              So what's a burgeoning cheesemaker to do?


              Mr Taster

              1. re: Mr Taster

                I feel for you. It will only get worse with the bankers making sure we have rampant inflation. I haven't eaten mozzarella in a long time, and I miss it.

        3. I have seen a raw milk seller at the Torrance farmer's market on Saturday, on the southern side more towards the food stalls. Have no idea who he is or if his prices are fair, but it might be a lead.

          1. Does anyone know if there is a raw goat's milk farmer direct?

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              If you develop a relationship with the the Soledad or Healthy Family Farms people, they may be willing to provide it to you. Healthy Family Farms will certainly sell you raw goats milk yogurt. It's very liquidy so may be an acceptable substitute for goats milk depending on your needs.

            2. Theres a place called Rawsome in Venice. All they sell is everthing raw including all kinds of raw dairy, cows milk, goats milk, goats yougart, cottage cheese, keifer. Its quite extensive and they do deal directly with farmers and its not orgainic pastures. Its actually a bit sort of underground and you have to join. The membership is $25 a year. But well worth it. They sell the cleanest food you can buy. The quality is exceptional. The address is 665 Rose Ave in Venice just west of Lincoln. Oh yes and only open on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

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                Rawsome is hardcore for raw products. They take a lot of pride in all of their food products, store their products at just above freezing, and are maticulous in inspecting their shipments.

                I had their raw goat milk there the other day, and it was amazing. I think I would just forewarn you that most of the folks working there appear stuck back in the '70s - they're pretty hippy-diippy, but very nice folks.

              2. Try this one out: http://claravaledairy.com/
                I've been drinking their delicious raw milk in glass bottles from Figueroa Produce for months now and it's sublime.
                Would love to hear your beef with Organic Pastures. I don't choose them because they're in plastic.

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                  The only thing I have to comment about Claravale Dairy is that their raw milk is not organic but I do like the bottle though.

                  1. re: Tom_Fountain_Valley

                    Read the Claravale website. It is their own choice that they don't have the certification, but they follow it. Here's from their website.

                    "Claravale Dairy is not certified organic by choice. We do not want to be certified organic because we do not agree completely with the organic regulations, both with their strictness in some areas and their laxness in others."

                    We feed our cows nothing but organic hay, organic dairy supplement, and organic pastures.
                    We do not use pesticides or antibiotics on the milking herd.
                    We do not use any GMO feeds or products.
                    We do not use bovine growth hormone or any other substances to increase milk production artificially.
                    We do not bottle milk from any dairy other than our own.

                    1. re: libra20

                      Thanks for being so quick! I was going to post essentially the same thing. I read their websit and felt like they were more interested in caring for their herd than in organic certification and it makes sense to me (organic certification does not mean that something is enviromentally sound - I've seen organic carrot farms that were terrible and had huge erosion problems but just because they didn't use petrochems they were organic). I love that they bottle in glass and their milk is the best I've ever tasted.

                      1. re: libra20

                        That's good to know. I'll try the milk next time. I am guessing their milk maybe better than Organic Pastures because I tasted the Amish raw milk, and it was a lot richer then the OP. I read somewhere that the OP milk is water-down a bit. I can't confirm this but if someone knows more about this, I am interested to know more about the water-down story.


                        1. re: Tom_Fountain_Valley

                          It would be helpful if you could recall where you heard about the water-down issue. I don't know of anything like that at OP - it sounds absurd. My wife and I have been to the farm and were impressed with what we saw. And they have an open door policy... Also, I can't imagine news like watering down the milk not catching on like wildfire...
                          Also, one of the reasons why Claravale (and Amish raw milk from Rawesome) is richer is due to the higher fat content coming from the Jersey breed. OP is about 70% Jerseys and Claravale is basically 100% Jerseys. Also, I would want to be able to visit the Amish farm before partaking of their products, especially if it is coming from Rawesome.
                          The next time my wife and I take another trip up north we will be trying to stop by Claravale to check it out further. I've had their milk before and it tastes great to me. I get a little bit of a bad taste in my mouth from their website, which seems to be one big justification for not having a 100% grass-fed herd (it's simple, the land is not irrigated). We're into 100% [growing] grass-fed so we utilize OP.

                          1. re: dalittlebro

                            It would be difficult to visit the Amish farm though, they are in Pennsylvania. I just don't get why Claravale wouldn't certify their milk since it would be better for them. That's just my thinking though. There got to be a reason that they are not doing it, not simply because they don't agree with the way that milk get certified by certain restrictions.

                            1. re: Tom_Fountain_Valley

                              Prolly why a lot of small could be certified organic farmers don't -Its expensive and paperwork intensive for a small business

                              1. re: AAQjr

                                That makes sense because all of the trail of paperwork and people do cost a lot of money. I just hope that their milk is as true as they claim to be. I like the bottle and the cream on their milk versus the ones from OP. I'll try next time. Does anyone know when their milk is fresh. For example, here in Orange County, the OP milk is freshly delivered to the stores on Monday.


                              2. re: Tom_Fountain_Valley

                                Typically if someone is not certified organic, it would be nice if they could declare themselves to be BEYOND ORGANIC. Joel Salatin is not certified and he has the best food in the country I'm sure...

                              3. re: dalittlebro

                                What's wrong with hay though? It's essentially just another form of grass. I don't think it's bad at all to feed cows hay (corn is a big problem, though), and it's much more sustainable. In case you weren't aware, there has been a long drought in California. A drive along the 5 makes it really noticeable.

                              4. re: Tom_Fountain_Valley

                                That is one of the reasons that I prefer Claravale. It tastes much richer than OP. You can even tell by looking as there's a thick layer cream on the top which I don't see with OP. I've always assumed that it is because Claravale is 100% from Jersey cows whereas OP isn't.

                                1. re: libra20

                                  Does anyone know of a closer source for raw milk here in the Inland Empire? (I'm currently living in Redlands.)

                                  1. re: aurora50

                                    Try Organic Pastures and type in your zip code to find out the nearest stores that have raw milk.

                                    1. re: Tom_Fountain_Valley

                                      Thanks Tom, I did get into their website and did a search, the nearest store that sells it seems to be in Monrovia, which is a good 40 miles away.
                                      But thanks anyway, sigh (everything seems to be far away from here).

                                      1. re: aurora50

                                        @ aurora 50: You can go to www.abundantharvestorganics.com (they supply organic produce and OP raw milk + more) and check them out. They deliver to various sites throughout southern California. They are growing like a weed and are opening new drop locations all the time. They will be opening new drop points in Rancho Cucamonga and Corona in the near future. With the general health consciousness in the Loma Linda area, I can't help but think they'll make it to Riverside and/or San Bernardino soon...

                                        1. re: dalittlebro

                                          Thanks, dalittlebro! I'll check it out. : )

                        2. there is a vendor at the torrance farmer's market that sells raw milk, colostrum, etc.

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                            1. re: Tom_Fountain_Valley

                              I am guessing no one is going to tell you where to buy an illegal product in a public forum. That'd be a good way to get shut down.

                              1. re: Tom_Fountain_Valley

                                It is very labor and paperwork intensive to sell raw milk in California. To my knowledge, no one sells raw goats milk legally in California.

                                And yes, the last publically exposed farm illegally selling was shut down as a result of previous blabber-mouths customers.

                                1. re: JudiAU

                                  That is sad to know. Too bad. For someone like my daughter, the raw organic goat milk is great because she can digest the milk much easier than the raw cow milk. She recovered from severe eczema symptoms, from which she was in intensive care for 1 week under IVs and antibiotics when she was 4 months old. She is now 19 months old.

                                  I guess we can make frequent trips to Rawesome, but it would be nice to get it locally fresh. Laws can be helpful but in this case it's a pain to tell people what they can and can't consume, especially milk is a bit much.

                                  1. re: Tom_Fountain_Valley

                                    Does anyone know anywhere in the inland empire that sells Claravale Farms Raw Milk & Raw Goats Milk?

                                    1. re: mrwilmoth


                                      I haven't heard of a legal source for raw goat's milk in CA.

                            2. I like Organic Pastures, have been buying their dairy for awhile, I think it's better than Claravale by far taste-wise. Organic Pastures is richer in taste.

                              I will try a visit to Rawesome. Want to find some good raw goat cheese, and other kinds of raw cow cheese besides cheddar. Thanks for the comments on that.

                              The laws hindering raw milk are in place because the FDA is corrupt with Monsanto, Syngenta & all former employees. Not only the FDA but a lot of other government agencies related to agriculture & food. They are doing everything they can to drive out raw milk producers.

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                                1. re: calamaree

                                  I think raw milk should be legal and personally think OP has mighty tasty cream but this statement is ridiculous. Even in California, which has strict testing protocols, there are frequent recalls for contamination. www.foodsafetynews.com lists the multiple OP recalls in the last two years and more than 1,000 people sickened from contamination in the last year. Raw milk only works on a small scale.

                                  1. re: JudiAU

                                    If you get into the details of the OP recalls, there might be some suspicion as to whether people were really sickened by the raw milk or something else. Personally, I never have gotten close to sick eating any of their products. The accusers cannot prove the illness was definitely caused by the raw milk. But they use the media to present it as a foregone conclusion.

                                    This could be one of the tactics used by big dairy to drive small competitors out of business. They have done this to other small farms and dairies. And they have the media on their side to make things look legitimate.

                                    I do believe in having standards and checking on raw milk producers as well as pastuerized conventional, but politics & money make the standards for raw milk producers many times more strict . A lot more people get sick from pasteurized milk. Unfortunately, industry bias is towards pasteurized because a few powerful people want it that way.

                                    At least in California, we're lucky to have a choice, but if we don't watch carefully with legislation, and helping support independent smaller farmers, one day that right to consume raw milk may go away too.

                                2. FOLLOW THE MONEY
                                  It was actually the state of CA that instigated this.
                                  Rawsome didn't need permits to sell milk because it a was a co-op or farm share. They did not sell to the general public, only to their members whom were invested in the farm. This arrangement however means there is no sales tax being collected- typical for any shared resource that a membership accesses.
                                  However the state apparently has decided to target and intimidate such farm share operations in order to force them into standardized distribution and sales channels - so they can collect state sales tax. The state claims that one of theirs purchased raw milk from the co-op. Which means they must have posed as a member or given a member number. Something that a long surveillance operation would've surely been able to uncover and utilize to entrap Rawsome - who most likely thought they were selling to one of their members.

                                  More here:Setting the record straight: Why Rawesome Foods does not need a license

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                                      Who are you? Why should i email you? Cant you just say it here on the website?