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Aug 20, 2009 02:11 PM

Organic Meat in York Region

My grandma loves feeding me meat when I visit but this has become a problem lately since my resolution to only eat organic meat. I told her I would try find out where she can buy some. My grandparents live in King City so anywhere in York Region - Newmarket, Aurora, Richmond Hill, Vaughn, Maple, etc. would be great. So if you live in those areas and know where some organic meat can be bought what can you tell me?

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    1. re: mrsleny

      yes I was aware that Beretta's farm is near King City but there is only an Etobicoke address and phone number on the website. I'm assuming that is their office. Do you know if they have a farm shop or a retail store at the farm?

      1. re: aser

        They closed down awhile ago, as did the planet organic grocery store on bathurst and the one on bayview

      2. most convenient way is just to order Beefconnections and they deliver it to Richmond Hill.

        1. Both Reesor's and Stuart Carroll in the York Farmers' Market (Yonge & Elgin, Thornhill) sell organic meats. I believe that Brunos (Bayview south of Major Mac) also sells organic meats.

          1. Beretta meats are sold at Loblaws stores in Thornhill and Richmond Hill. I buy it at the Loblaws at Bayview and Hwy7.