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Aug 20, 2009 01:51 PM

In Boston for 3 nights - please help narrow down my choices!

Hey Boston hounds, a fellow hound here from Toronto coming down in a couple weeks for three nights. I've read through several posts and am excited to try some great chow! I've narrowed down a long list to a reasonably short list. We're looking for something different, unique and fun. We have lots of great ethnic cuisine (except Mexican) in Toronto, so places that use local Boston products are preferrable. Looking generally for places where we can get away with <$100 for two for food (2 apps, 2 mains, 1 dessert; drinks & tip not included). And places that are fairly casual, meaning atmosphere where you don't have to dress formally, not casual in terms of the food. We're going to be staying in Back Bay area, so places that are accessible are also preferred (not necessarily in the immediate area, but at least simple enough to get to via public transit).

Ok, so here's my list!

- One of either Angela's Cafe or Sol Azteca
- Sel de la Terre
- Oleana
- Ten Tables
- Toro
- Hungry Mother
- Salts

Would appreciate your thoughts. I need to narrow this down to 3 dinner places. Also willing to consider any other choices that anyone feels strongly about.

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  1. Not on your list, but last year we went to Neptune Oyster Bar (from recommendations on this board) it's in the North End, on Salem St. They had the very best lobster rolls we've ever had. Hot and cold and both were great...husband and I split them...pricey though at $25 per. Small place and long fun lines, but very worth it especially if you enjoy the North you can always go to Mikes Pastries, on Hanover, for a great dessert.

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      Yes, I saw that and looked at it. The issue is that my wife does not eat seafood, so the menu becomes very limited for her. Yes, I know, it's a terrible restriction for this city in particular, but what can you do?

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      1. I'd say Oleana, EVOO and Hungry Mother. I've had such wonderful dining experiences at all three with reasonable prices.

        1. Sel de la Terre
          Hungry Mother

          Your list looks great, so I think you'd be okay with any of those, just that the three above would be my recommendation.

          1. I like SDLT, but don't think it's particularly different or unique. They do trade their coffee grounds for produce with local farmers, though, so it fits your locavore requirement. I've been in Salts but haven't eaten there. it gets great reviews here, but strikes me as a small, quiet romantic place more than a fun place. The others are all in line with what you're looking for. I'm not an Oleana fan, but am probably in the minority there.

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              Oleana has been iffy in my recent visits - and can range from sublime to "I am going to walk out of here very soon". I like Toro as a fun place with very very good food.