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Aug 20, 2009 01:47 PM

Help with celabratory dinner

I am getting my Master's next week and my boyfriend wants to take me out for dinner to celebrate. Instead of getting each other presents we always take each other out for a nice dinner on special occasions. Because of this we have been to many great restaurants (Europea, La Montee, Joe Beef, Garde Manger, Kitchenette, Au Cinquieme Peche, etc.)

We like to try restaurants that we haven't been to before and I'm at a loss for this occasion. My boyfriend eats everything, but I don't eat any meat - I do eat some fish and most shellfish though, so it needs to be a restaurant that can cater to that.

I was thinking maybe Jun-I or the new Newtown, but I'm not sure... Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks in advance.

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  1. You could try La Chronique.

    1. Laloux, Lemeac, Le Margaux would be great choices.

      1. How about Milos? It sounds like a bit of a diversion from what you've already tried but its still very appropriate for special occasions. If you are keen on fish over meat, then it could be a wise choice.

        1. I finally tried Jun-I last week, and I would agree with others that they have some of the best sushi in town. I really enjoyed their sashimi selection, we had the omakase. The eel sushi was one of the best I've had. Their cooked appetizers were also very well done. I had the scallop appetizer, it was essentially a variation of chawan mushi, and it was really wonderful. But the real surprise were the wonderful inventive desserts. There was a fabulous lemon-thyme flan served with a marvelous strawberry sorbet. I had the mille-crepe, a multi-layered torte made out of thin crepes and a delightful banana creme. Even the simple sounding chocolate mousse was masterful. The desserts are expensive ($11), but they are so well-done, they are worth every penny. The desserts were really in a league of their own.

          All to say that I think Jun-I would be a great place to celebrate, especially if you are a fan of sushi. I was very impressed. I still think the sushi in Montreal doesn't hold a candle to the stuff you can get in Vancouver, but Jun-I is a very reasonable choice when you can't fly out to BC every week. Nice atmosphere, good fish, delicious food.

          1. You could try Raza or the sister bistro Madre.