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Hey guys, I know that Carroll Gardens and it's surrounding hoods have their fair share of Lucali's, South Brooklyn Pizza's, Anselmo's and a few other great "pie" joints, but what's the best SLICE in the neighborhood??

I'm a big fan of World Pie on Union and Columbia, but I'm curious to see what you guys think.

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  1. I think the place you are referring to on Union is House of Pizza & Calzone. World Pie is on Court between Carroll and 1st Place. I don't eat much pizza, so can't help with recommendations--sorry.

    1. Depends on where you live. There is great pizza by the slice on Court below President, but there's very little above there, and there's like NOTHING on Smith. I live on Smith near Atlantic, and Caruso's (Smith and Bergen) suffices, but it's not good by any means. Neither is Sal's on Court and Butler.

      Basically you have to go down to the real Italian section of CG if you want a decent slice.

      1. By the slice, I like Sal's. at 305 Court St.

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          I agree with waylook, Sal's is nothing fancy just a decent slice.

        2. Another vote for House of Pizza and Calzone. Worth the walk to the other side of BQE.

          1. Vinny's, Court Street between 3rd and 4th Place. Grandma slice.

            1. 100% agree with House of Pizza and Calzone being the best in the nabe. I like all of the varieties I've tried there (regular, grandma, upside down), and if I ate pork would be all over the prosciutto and tomato I've seen there on a number of occasion. The former Nino's, current Francesca's is okay, except their pizza is often overcooked and too crunchy (when it's not overdone, I think they make the best white pie in CG). And Sal's can be tasty too, but, the pizza's just too greasy. The cheese slides right off the slice in a yellow liquidy mess.

              Also, for what it's worth, South Brooklyn pizza does have by-the-slice available from its takeaway (or, at least, it used to; last time I went was several months ago), but I'm not a particular fan. I view it as a weak, overpriced attempt at DiFara's style (i.e. the fresh basil is nice, but the flavor's just okay).

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                  The Brooklyn neighborhoods of Boerum Hill, Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens, and Red Hook.

                2. I actually really like World Pie for a no frills slice.

                  1. My first choice is House of Pizza and Calzones on Union/Columbia. My Little Pizzeria has good slices on Court and State. World Pie is pretty good as is V&R. Sals is OK. It's not great, but it's never bad.

                    1. There are many great options. V&R, Vinny's, and Sal's are my favorites. South Brooklyn Pizza is great for a less traditional NYC slice. I have to disagree on World Pie, not my favorite.

                      1. Since the renovations things are not the same at the House of Pizza and Calzone. I also think there are new owners. I had few slices the other day and was very disappointed. There seems to be less business so the pizza sits and is reheated.