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Aug 20, 2009 01:09 PM

Edmonton near the City Centre Airport

Hello Edmonton!

I'll be working in Edmonton next week, staying at the Chateau Nova Hotel near the City Centre Airport. Just wondering if there are any restaurants that I MUST get to while I'm there? Bonus points for walking distance but I'm willing to take a cab to great food.


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  1. Not mindblowing, but probably the best within walking distance is Pho Hoan Pasteur. It's next door to the Save-On across the street from the airport. If you aren't into pho their vermicelli bowls are nice.

    Not too far away on 118 ave there are a few restaurants near 124st. Nigist serves Ethiopian food. I have never been, but you could investigate and report back. There is also Kamil's, a Turkish cafeteria. I recall it getting lukewarm to negative reviews, but it closed for a while and reopened with new menu and management. I don't know anything about the new style there, so again you could provide a helpful review.

    If you go over there I advise you to avoid Chandler's. Brutal, greasy, and sloppy are the first three words that come to mind.

    Besides that I think the closest choices of note for you are downtown. Plenty of threads have covered that area of the city, but my favourite is Wildflower on 107st and 100ave.

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      I agree with the turd, you are better off going downtown. You can take a bus downtown if you walk to 124st and 118th ave (~15min not sidewalks all the way) or if you walk to kingsway (same).

      1. re: Bryn

        there are definitely lots of must go to restaurants, but NOT in walking distance of that location (sorry!). Can you give us a price range? My 2 favorites are actually out of downtown, they are Culina and Red Ox Inn.
        for downtown I would rec the following:

        for high end: the blue pear, hardware grill, wildflower
        moderate: cafe de ville, manor cafe, bistro praha
        inexpensive: Boualoung Thai, Ninh Kieu vietnamese, mikado sushi, The Hat or Suede for burgers, La shish for shwarma

      2. re: itwillmakeaturd

        Ditto for Pho Hoan Pasteur.

        If you are desperate and do not want to travel far and do not want Vietnamese, the Chateau Louis has a buffet - mostly good because of the access to many, many perogies, with the rest of the food being average.

        But yes, you need to leave the Kingsway area for better food.

      3. I recently moved into the area and although I normally try to avoid restaurants that are totally dead, I have been brave about visiting the quiet restaurants in my neighbourhood. I do like Kamil'sTurkish Cafe and Restaurant on 118th Avenue a bit west of 124th Street. It is definitely worth a visit if you are hungry and in the neighbourhood.

        Caveat: it is not a place you go for ambiance. You have to be okay with potentially being the only diner in this restaurant. The decor I would describe as over-exuberant on a budget. And no air con. However, the service was courteous, the prices more than reasonable, and the food fresh and tasty both times that I visited. Although I have never been to Turkey, I would guess that this place is authentic. My assessment is based on the the big TV tuned to Turkish cable, and their menu's one "special" entree: "Anatolian sheep's head soup."

        We were offered tea as soon as we were seated. Say yes to the tea. It was very good, and served with two lumps of sugar, just the way they have it in Turkey, according to my husband who has spent some time travelling there. We ordered three platters which came with a basic rice pilaf and a simple salad: #3 Kuzu Shish (lamb kebab) $15, #4 Patlicanli Kebab (minced beef eggplant kebab), $12, and #10 (beef donair), $12, and for an appetizer #39 Saray Bergi (meat pastry), $5. Of the kebabs that we tried, I would recommend #4, salty spiced meat with tender grilled eggplant. The appetizer didn't come until the end of our meal -- the apologetic owner brought it out saying he had made it from scratch, special for us, so that is why it took so long. It was hot and crispy, filled with a mildly spiced meaty concoction, definitely worth waiting for. Didn't order dessert because my infant son was starting to fuss, but I will probably go back soon for some baklava with Turkish coffee.

        I have never been to Chandler's, although I heard it is not bad for brunch on weekends. And I do like Nigist Ethiopian Restaurant mentioned above by turd, though I've only eaten there once so far. Same kind of ambiance as Kamil's (totally dead, Ethiopian TV on in the corner, budget decor). I would say the food I had was on par with the Ethiopian fare available at other, more popular and pricier Ethiopian restaurants. The day we were there, the owner was hosting a birthday party for a very large family, so there was a buffet on offer. It was only $12 and delicious.

        1. If you feel like Mexican, Don Antonio's on 124 st is really good, very cheap, and about a 20 minute walk from your hotel.

          Colonel Mustard's is across the avenue from Don Antonio's and is also good with an eclectic menu, but more expensive.

          If you watched the Food Network show, The Family Restaurant, you can also check out the restaurant, as it's close too, and the Greek food is often very good.