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Aug 20, 2009 01:08 PM

wet corn on the cob

I bought some corn on the cob yesterday and stored it in the plastic bag that the supermarket had.

Today they are all wet and stuck to the plastic, with the threads all knotted and moist.

Are they ok?

I want to eat them tomorrow.

I've taken them out of the bag and have them on the counter.


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  1. I have had that happen, but never that quickly. My corn was fine. The problem was having to touch the wet husk. Gags me to think about it. I used latex gloves, cleaned the corn, and then cooked it.

    I knew better than to leave it in the plastic. Just got in a hurry.

    1. Thanks, now they're all dried out and look a bit old and withered on the outside, how can I tell if I shouldn't cook them? I'm planning on grilling them.

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        as long as the kernals are still milky, it shouldn't matter. you should try to cook corn as soon as possible after it's been picked.

      2. It's a little hard to tell from the OP, but I assume you bought corn with husk on at the supermarket and stored it with the plastic in the refrigerator at home. I only buy fresh corn from the farm, but I also store it at home in the plastic bag in the refrigerator. It is ALWAYS wet the next day (moisture from the corn). I don't know about knotty threads (corn silk?) though. It tastes perfectly fresh and is milky for up to ~a week. Maybe the supermarket corn was already old when you bought it. One day should not make corn dry out and wither.

        I would boil this corn for a few minutes instead of grilling them - and do it soon.