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Aug 20, 2009 01:04 PM

Where should I celebrate my birthday this year?

Where should I celebrate my 27th birthday this year? Nothing big, just dinner for two on a Sunday in September. Last year I had it at Degustation, but we left quite hungry and underwhelmed. This year, I'm thinking something a bit more filling but still tasty. A non-highbrow, solid all-around restaurant would probably be the way to go. I'm considering Little Owl, Strip House, Nobu, Megu, and Blue Hill. Also, given that it's a Sunday, hopefully not a restaurant that's going to be empty.

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  1. Happy Birthday in advance.A few places come to mind,although not sure if all of these are open Sunday.In the more pricey category are: Prime House.It is a steak house on Park Ave. South.A mixed menu for a steak house with a nice bar area and a fairly young crowd;Park Avenue Summer(menu and name of restaurant changes with the seasons).
    It's on East 63rd;Savoy in Soho.Very good place that was one of the first to utilize fresh,local ingredients;Tao in the East 50s.Good young crowd,fun atmosphere.
    Restaurants that are a bit less expensive,but still offer good food,service and decor would be: Aurora in Soho.Very good Italian food in a fairly casual setting and fun area;Pepolino.Also Italian.Located in Tribeca.I love the food and they offer charming service and decor;Last but definitely not least is Giorgio's of Gramercy.I've eaten there twice this year and loved it both times.Very good food that is reasonably priced.Excellent service and warm decor.

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      I have not been to Primehouse, but when it comes to steakhouses, I highly value the opinion of board regular steakrules85, and he commented this morning on another thread that Primehouse is not very good. My favorite steakhouse is Keens, and steakrules agrees with me that it is tops.

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        I've been to Primehouse twice this year and loved it both times.Went with different people each time and everyone enjoyed it.Not a big fan of Keens steak.I love the bar and the history and atmosphere,but not the steak.

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          i went to primehouse recently to take out some clients and i thought the steak was aweful. everyone else enjoyed theirs but i must've gotten a really weird cut. it was tough and sinewy and also overcooked. i don't think that should happen at a good steakhouse. every cut should be properly prepared and cared for. all my clients would probably recommend it but i would never go there again.

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            Both times I ate there I had the short ribs,which were very good.

    2. I took my friend to Scarpetta for her birthday in May and she was soooo thrilled. (I loved it too but as the birthday girl, she loved it).

      And ironically, she's taking me to degustation in a couple weeks for mine. happy birthday!

      1. I'm not sure if Aldea is open on Sundays, but if it is that would be my recommendation. Otherwise Scarpetta or Perilla.

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          Aldea is not open on Sunday. I agree with your Scarpetta rec. Convivio would also be a good choice. (Haven't been to Perilla.)

        2. Do you remember what you ordered at Degustation? Was it the 10-course tasting menu (hard to believe that would leave you hungry, but who knows?), the 5-course, or a la carte?

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          1. Last week I took my 2 adult sons to Savoy for a birthday celebration. We sat downstairs, near the kitchen door. Asked for the empty table facing away, told there was a reservation for 4 in an hour, 1 1/2 hrs. later the table was still unoccupied. Waiter said there were some changes to the menu: no pork shoulder, pork chops instead, no amberjack, but there was yellowfin. No duck gizzard appetizer, but they had substituted proscuitto. The boston lettuce/sorrel soup was very good, so was the salt crust duck. The $14 beans and beets appetizer had, perhaps, 5 green beans. Service was casual but friendly. Annoying to have a modest sized menu and then not have 2 of the main courses. Overall, nothing special and definitely not worth the cost.