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Aug 20, 2009 12:50 PM

Cheap Eats (Dallas)

I just moved to Dallas, however I'll be "kitchenless" for about three months until things get settled (I have a place to live through UTSW, but no way to cook food). I'm looking for suggestions on cheap places to eat and, in particular, places that may have special food deals on select days of the week (my wife is in DC so my budget is limited). I've listed what I've been able to find so far (personally or on the web - haven't been to all of them yet). Any additions (to increase the variety) would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.

After 9:00 sushi and sandwiches are buy one get one free.

Monica’s Aca y Alla
Tuesday and Thursday evenings, half price mexican.

Libertine Bar
Sunday - Half price food

All you can eat sushi for the price of two drinks (~$3 beers).

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  1. Don't know about specials but as far as good cheap food in that area:

    Drive down to Oak Cliff and

    Lito's - $1 handmade tamales, $2 gorditas and everything else is similarly cheap and very good. Platters are $6.50

    Taqueria El Si Hay on Davis - tacos are $1.25-ish. Most of the tacos were only 'good' but either the al pastor or barbacoa was stunningly good. (cash only I think, takeout only)

    Further south...

    Wingfield's - it's one of the best burgers in DFW for $4.25 ($4.75 w/ cheese). Ridiculous value (the thing is huge) although the area isn't for some. (cash only, takeout only)

    Just outside Downtown...

    Fuel City Tacos on Industrial - $1.40 tacos all good imo.

    In East Dallas...

    Natsumi on Henderson - cheap tasty gelato with Asian flavors.

    Jimmy's on Fitzhugh - some of the best sandwiches in the area and is a great value. I'll take Jimmy's over Eatzis. The spicy Cuban is great along with the Italian, Italian sausage, and so on.


    Pho/Bun at any decent Vietnamese place is a great value usually under $6.

    There are a bunch of Mexican places on Maple Ave that would compare to the places on Jefferson. find the Mexican on Maple series...

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        I second Meridian Room (on exposition near fair park). I've always found the food to be good for a bar, and half price makes it a great deal.

        I like their bleu cheese burger a lot.

      2. Does anyone know if Dream Cafe still has the half-price main course with purchase of a beverage on Monday and Tuesday nights?

        The taco place in the parking lot at Inwood and Maple is a good deal, too, and are open late.

        1. McCormick & Schmicks has a great happy hour with low priced barfood. There's one at Northpark Mall. I'm not sure of the exact hours, but at most locations it kicks in for latenight as well as early dining.

          Kathleen's Sky Diner has half-priced entree's sunday nights. Lovers just east of the tollway. Beware that Kathleen's can be hit or miss, but when it's "on" it's good. Nice neighborhood atmosphere (not a "diner")

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            McCormick & Shmick's has regular happy hour from 4 to 6:30 and late night happy hour from 9 to close. Menu changes weekly and while I still like it, lately it hasn't been as good probably because of the economy. I miss the sweet potato fries, fried pickles and last but not least, my favorite: vanilla mousse. The half pound burger is still quite a deal though! Also keep in mind you have to purchase a drink in order to take advantage of the specials.

          2. Meridian room has half priced food on Wednesday nights.

            Sushiyama has half price bento's on Wednesday.

            1. Whole Foods Markets and Central Markets have "cafes" with some nice prepared items and fresh salad bars.

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                Bengal coast has $5 apps in the bar area ; DH and I share 3 and it's more than enough, the portions are big.