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Aug 20, 2009 12:47 PM

SF Street Food Festival 8/22 - Aziza, Delfina, Heaven's Dog, La Mar, Laiola, etc are out on the street

Times is tough ... times is tough

Anway, this festival says it is the SF sister of the pretentiously named Eat Real festival which will take place the following weekend in the East Bay.

However, at least this doesn't seem to put on airs ... I'm sorry i EAT REAL every day ... it's the name that just gets to me.

Seems like a chance to try out some restaurants you may want to try but never get to. I'm not sure if this is the first festival. Does this happen yearly?

Absinthe is serving "Jamie's famous hot dog" peach and sage shrub, and cheddar-cheese corn nut brittle ... I wonder if that last one works taste-wise

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  1. It's new. The Oakland festival might be cheaper, max price is listed as $5 vs. $8 for the SF one.

    1. What blows me away is that it's happening in front of La Cocina on Folsom between 25th and 26th. I lived on Folsom and 25th through the 90s, when Philz was still a bodega and there was no hipster/gringo food to be found down there. I kind of just want to see the worlds collide.

      1. I'm going to try to stop by to check it out, and hope others will, too.

        La Cocina is a great organization with really nice people working for it, and they could use the support, both financial and otherwise.

        1. The discussed this festival a bit and highlighted some folks who will be there (actual street food vendors, not just restaurants with carts on the street) on today's KQED Forum radio show:

          "We take to the streets to find out what mobile food vendors are dishing up in the Bay Area. From creme brulee carts and escargot on a stick to taco stands and tamales, street food is becoming more and more popular. We preview upcoming street food festivals in San Francisco and Oakland, and welcome listeners' "pavement cuisine" picks. "

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          1. I live two blocks away and am thrilled/terrified that this is happening so closeby! I love La Cocina's mission and space (I was lucky enough to take a sourdough baking class there). I love my hood and my neighbors. And wow, I am thrilled about anything that encourages a real street food culture to take root in the US. I have such Latin America/Southeast Asia envy!

            Yet I can't help saying that this is not priced for the neighborhood and that therefore, I expect a lot of people who think it's cool to drop $150 on a Saturday afternoon in the Mission streets to show up and act like jerks. I'm nervous about a huge mob of people (all those reports from the spring food bust at Shoreline) showing up and being rude to each other in the name of creme bulee. I really really have my fingers crossed that people will be laid back and happy and that the food lives up to the sit-down entree prices.

            See ya'll there on the early side!

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            1. re: sarahlefton

              Don't worry about a Shoreline thing. SF does a good job of policing events. I lived for a long time in an area where parades and events start or end in SOMA. The only thing that literally pissed me off were when there were races. For some reason the male runners thought it was ok to pee in the bushes on our street. Um, sure, let me go to YOUR neighborhood and pee in your yard.

              1. re: rworange

                The problems at the Great American Music and Food Festival had nothing to do with policing or the behavior of the crowd.