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Aug 20, 2009 12:02 PM

Taco joint in Dallas

When in downtown Dallas try the taco place inside the Fuel Stop on Industrial. They have awesome tacos--8 flavors. All are $1.40! they are open 24 hrs. I had heard about them forever--and worth the stop!

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  1. I second that... the tacos there are fantastic! Perfect to satisfy that late-evening hunger following the peanuts-only flight into Love Field.

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    1. re: tango7000

      Great idea! I'll have to remember that.

    2. It's called Fuel City and most will agree they are cheap and very good.

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      1. re: amokscience

        exciting news of an interesting new GOURMET taco joint in a gas station over on the east side:

        1. re: teegee

          I was gonna hit that tomorrow morning after my run at white rock. Its only open till 3.

          1. re: simply_victoria

            All I know is that they told me they never close.

            1. re: randyjl

              If you are referring to Fuel City - they never close, but after midnight, all ordering is done outside and you aren't allowed bathroom facilities and drinks at that time are nonalcohol ordered through the opposite window fromt he taco window.

          2. re: teegee

            FYI, tasty tasty. My taco was $2.75. Scrambled egg with grilled poblanos and queso fresco. I got some kombucha from the fridge and was good to go. They also had home made chorizo with mashed potatos and cheddar. That looked good too. Told people from my running group and we are stopping back there after doing the lake next Saturday.

            1. re: simply_victoria

              $2.75 seems a bit steep for a breakfast taco with poblanos and cheese.

              1. re: LewisvilleHounder

                I kind of agree, but I have to say, I get tired of the same old same old. So, it was actually nice to see I had choices that were different.

                I think they are still trying to figure it out

                1. re: simply_victoria

                  I was psyched to see they are veg friendly, but I had a really lame and puny jerked tofu taco today for $3.50 on a plain tortilla.

        2. Has anyone heard of or know about a good taco place over somewhere in the area near Jimmy's Food Store and Mai's. I heard a person talking the other day about the best tacos they have ever had at some place within a few blocks of there but didn't know exactly where and I didn't write down the name.

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          1. re: taldeac

            Go check out the place TG mentions. Looks like that taqueria is within 5 miles of Jimmy's/Mai's. Unless you're talking about something that is walking distance?

            1. re: air

              Near Jimmies there are all sorts of places on Ross Ave... not many speak English around there. mmmm jimmies

              1. re: DallasDude

                Don't let the lack of English speaking detour you. I have had great success over the years with a few words of Spanish and a lot of pointing.

            2. re: taldeac

              The Taco Joint?


              I've heard their jalapeno ranch sauce is addictive. Still haven't made it over.

              1. re: simply_victoria

                I had two breakfast tacos @ the Taco joint recently - chorizo, potato & egg. Very good. Be warned, the line can be out the door so be prepared for a wait. Also, they only serve brisket tacos during lunch on Tuesdays.

                1. re: kylewilliam

                  The place that taldeac is inquiring about must be the "Taco Joint" at the NW corner of Peak and Gaston.

                  The migas plate with whole wheat tortillas is outstanding, perhaps the best migas that I've had anywhere! ... Basically, the migas plate is the same amount of food as two migas tacos, but with potatoes and delicious beans on the side - and the plate costs less than two a la carte tacos!

                  Anyway, the Taco Joint offers great food with a lot if personality and solid service from the guys (and gals) behind the counter!!

                  1. re: pschweizer

                    The Taco Joint has the best tacos in Dallas. Go there and you will live it.

              2. re: taldeac

                See my post below about Taqueria & Torteria El Atoron. It's on Henderson not terribly far from Jimmy's.

              3. No offense, but i don't get what the big deal about this place is. i have given them a couple of chances and i must say that it's really not that great. i love authentic mexican tacos and fuel city doesn't really cut it for me. maybe i'm just really picky about my tacos...i prefer the fajita over pastor and barbacoa. i like it to have some chewy texture instead of being too tender. maybe that's why i've been so picky and can't seem to agree with a lot of people on the best tacos. is anyone with me on this one?

                i'm going to try it one more time to be sure...maybe i went on an off day.

                side note: also the helote (boiled shucked corn) cart was really bad at the fuel city
                station. although i've only tried it was really watery and tasted like
                frozen corn. that was disappointing...cuz i love helotes.

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                1. re: DFWFOODIE

                  I had some awesome helotes at the Farmer;s Market. The corn is freshly roasted! Yummmm!

                2. On Henderson, there's a fabulous little taqueria called El Atoron. The only "gringo" you'll ever see in there is, me.
                  The place is small, well run and, CHEAP! Tacos (pan fried) are $1.00 each! All the food is cooked to order and delicioso! The best I've had in Dallas. And, the Mexican soap opera's are non stop on the TV.