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Aug 20, 2009 12:02 PM

8/20/09 1)Splenda v.s.Equal and 2) Splenda weaker lately?

I did do a search before posting this, and read a few threads, directed mostly towards diabetics. I am not diabetic. I used Equal for years and switched to Splenda a few yrs ago(cannot remember why).Both have tasted fine to me (as opposed to the earlier -used Sweet 'n Low). Lately I have noticed that it takes TONS more packets of Splenda to sweeten my home made iced tea- than it did before. I do not like cloyingly sweet Iced Tea, but it still takes me 7+ packets to sweeten a 1/2 gal pitcher of tea. I hate opening all those packets and wasting all that paper, but when I tried the bulk pour product; i gave up because it seemed even less sweet than the packets. Has anyone noticed this? I also wonder if possibly Splenda loses its sweetness over time; mine comes from a bulk 500-packs box. Your experiences? Any reason I shouldn't just resume my Equal use? I am not an organic-goaled eater.
Thanks much for your help.

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  1. Don't know if a single packet of Splenda has less sweetening power than before. However, 7 packets per 1/2 gallon of iced tea is not at all excessive, perhaps even light on the sweetener. I have found the Stevia available at Trader Joe's to be an effective and potent
    sweetener. There's a very mild "green" or minty quality to it, but that works well in iced tea.

    1. My wife uses Splenda, I use Sweet N Low. However, I'm the one who makes and serves her breakfast tea. Since January, it takes 3 packets of Splenda to sweeten her large mug of tea to her liking. Previously 2 had sufficed.

      This week we were at our vacation home, not after being there since last Thanksgiving. I made her the tea with the three Splenda. She complained it was too sweet. I had to make a new cup with two. The Splenda in the kitchen cabinet had been purchased in 2007. So, I don't think it loses potency over time.

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      1. re: bagelman01

        thanks for your reply; that is very helpful. it does seem to indicate inconsistency in the product, eh?

        1. re: opinionatedchef

          My daughter is at our vacation place and is coming back tomorrow. I asked her to bring a few packets of the old Splenda. I am going to weigh contents and compare to the weight in new packets at home.

          Also>My wife has purchased tghe enhanced Splenda, I don't remember if it has added fiber or calcium (I question how much of either could be added to such a little packet) and she says this is less sweet than the regular product.

      2. 1.i prefer splenda over any other sweetener they all taste metalic except regualr sugar and honey
        2.its not that its weaker its that its less splenda
        before its was 3/4 teaspoons (more or less) per packet now its about 1/2

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        1. re: fabian3dg

          fabian, thanks so much for this helpful post. AN ANSWER, YESSSSS!!

          1. re: fabian3dg

            Each package of Splenda is one gram which they say is the equivalent of two tsps of sugar.

            1. re: mexivilla

              My daughter brought back some of the older Splenda which we have in our vacation home. I weighed an old packet and one of the newly ourchased ones.
              The older packet had 1.2 grams of content. The new packet has .98 grams

              I know this is a random sampling, but having 20% more sweetner in the old opacket ceratinly gives a sweeter taste when used.

              1. re: bagelman01

                I hadn't thought about it being the amount in the packet that had changed but I guess that's a good possibility. And probably less expensive for the company than reformulating the product itself. It all comes down to a bottom line... $$$

          2. I suspect that Splenda will tell us it's all in our heads (I expect them to keep this a deep, dark secret for as long as they can deny it) but Splenda HAS gotten less sweet over the past couple of years! I think it's been done very gradually, and since we each seem to react differently to sucralose's perceived sweetness, it has been discovered or at least talked about equally slowly. I found very little talk on the net about this subject initially.

            I'll admit that I'm a heavy user... 5 (now 6) packets per 16 oz. cup pf coffee, but I think that gives me greater grounds to make these statements. I buy Splenda in 1000-count boxes from Sam's Club where's way cheaper even than Wal-Mart. I've been using it for years with the same amount of creamer in the same size cups. And just since I opened this most recent box, I've noticed I had to add an additional packet to each and every cup of coffee. That's NOT in my head!

            I believe it's been done deliberately, to "encourage" us to use more of the product. And it bothers me enough that it's being done secretively that if I could find a taste that even remotely compared to Splenda, (Stevia was definitely NOT it!) I'd switch sweeteners on moral grounds. I don't like being deceived and this qualifies as a deceptive practice. A company that would do something like this might also hide safety concerns.

            As far as whether it could lose sweetening power over time, my experience says not. I had an old box of the granulated type that I started using when I ran out of packets. When I replaced it, the new granulated product was only HALF as sweet as the older stuff. Did the old stuff somehow get sweeter?

            I think we're being jerked around.

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            1. re: StarThrower50

              i gave up on splenda; too much needed. went back to equal and happy with equal. just sayin'.

              1. re: opinionatedchef

                I've tried Equal again several times when Splenda wasn't available, but after Splenda, Equal just doesn't taste right any more. I don't disagree with you... Equal hasn't changed its formula, or put less in each package to cut costs, both of which I applaud for the basic honesty involved, but it just didn't taste the same, and the aftertaste was awful! There are also lingering questions about aspartame's safety that I'd have trouble overlooking. But to each their own. Thanks for replying and getting this topic moving again. I'd like to hear from others who may be experiencing what I am.

                1. re: StarThrower50

                  star, i will mention that the only thing i use equal for is tea or coffee.other than that, i use real sugars.

            2. Chef... I'm the same way, except not for tea. I've always thought it curious that in coffee, Splenda tases close enough to sugar that I have trouble telling them apart. But in hot or cold tea it's a whole 'nother world. It has a nasty aftertaste that I don't like at all. In just about everything else, I use real sugar and just try to limit my intake as much as possible. But I drink a goodly amount of coffee every day, 3 16 oz. mugs generally, so removing that much sugar from my diet is significant.