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Aug 20, 2009 11:35 AM

Cafes with WiFi in lower Westchester?

I need a place to do work on my computer outside my house. Preferably with decent food and drinks, and cozy spots where I can hole up and not feel pressured to leave.

My favorite spot was the Lighthouse in Sleepy Hollow, til it closed, then Sunflour when it reopened in the same location. Now that's closed too! Too bad no one seems to be able to run a business there- great building, odd location, I guess.

Here are the places I've tried and found lacking, in case they might meet someone else's needs who's looking for a wifi spot.

Hastings Train Station Cafe- cute spot but rather busy, and the menu is small and not very tasty. I don't drink coffee and can't have dairy at the moment, so I'm limited, but I gotta say the soy chai latte I had was particularly bad.

Doubleday's in Dobbs Ferry- this is my fave so far. Irish pub, good food, friendly staff, wifi. It's just not a cafe, which is what I'd really prefer, but it's a good (and not well known) place to hole up with a laptop.

Black Cat in Irvington- nice place, but too small and noisy for my purposes.

Lola's Tea House in Pelham- I'm here right now! Seating not as comfy as one might hope, menu is OK but overpriced, and I'm bummed they don't have soy milk available to have with black tea.

Bo Cafe in Dobbs- again, small small small! And half the time the wifi doesn't work for me with my mac. The last time I was there, I could connect but got almost no signal, and the staff there were kind of snotty about it when I enquired.

SO...where have I missed? I feel like there must be some kind or larger loungey place in like Yonkers or Mt. Vernon or Riverdale even that I'm just not able to find through internet searches or word of mouth. Perfect office-away-from-home cafe, where are you? Stop hiding from me. I order something for every hour I'm there, and I tip well!

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  1. In Fleetwood the Deli Cafe on the corner of Gramatan and Grand has fast, strong wifi, but the place is only open from 6 a.m- 5 p.m. (closes earlier on the weekend) — not sure what hours you are looking for. There is also a place on Grand and Fleetwood Ave (forgot the name) that has a little sign in the window that advertises Free WiFi, but I'm not sure how comfortable it would be to work from.

    1. For whatever it's worth, every Cosi's has free WiFi, and I believe all Barnes & Noble stores are rolling out free WiFi as well.

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        Sigh...thanks for the info. It could do in a pinch, but I was really hoping for a non-chain, local kind of place. I did see something in an earlier thread (started by me, when the Lighthouse closed!) about Slave the the Grind in Bronxville, so I may check that out at some point.

        1. re: The Pie Queen

          I can suggest three places that fit your requirements exactly. They are, however, further north than you're looking (but others may be glad to know about them.

          The Black Cow in Croton-on-Hudson is a local coffee-shop with free WiFi--and coffee roasted on premises. It's on Maple Street, in the shopping center that includes the post office. Take the Rte. 129 exit off Rte. 9, turn toward the village (right turn if you're going north, left if you're coming from north), go straight through two lights into the shopping center parking lot.

          The Peekskill Coffeehouse is a friendly comfy space with free wifi, terrific beverages. It's at the corner of Division St., Brown Street and South St. right across the street from the Paramount Center for the Arts.

          The Beanrunner Cafe is a lovely newcomer. It's tucked away a block behind the Peekskill Coffeehouse on a one-way street (corner of S. Division Street and Esther Street). In addition to the free WiFi you're looking for, they have terrific food (wraps, salads, soups, snacks, smoothies) and beverages. There are four distinct "spaces": an outdoor garden with seating, a living-room type set up with couches and a TV, tables and chairs, and a completely separate large children's playspace complete with its own bathroom.

      2. Panera Bread on Central Ave on the Scarsdale/Yonkers border has it.

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          Oh, and also Starbucks is giving two free hours a day now — and I think I have seen some that are also serviced by an Optimum wifi hotspot, which I think they give out free to their home subscribers, not fully sure though.

          1. re: btbauer

            Optimum WiFi hotspot at Scarsdale Metro North station.... there is a Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts